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PROMO // BOOKING josephkrausemusic@gmail.com co/owner - @dubgestion owner - @atum-record Joseph Josh Sabusco, aka Joseph Krause, born in the 1990, in Italy, near Como.Touch the music for first time in the 2006, playing with a basic cdj in the friend’s party. Coming back from a low activity period as an artist, Joe decided to teach his best friend Mike the first mixing no- tions and technique on cdj. Born the duo Beat Cool Brothers in the 2011. After that, they dedicated themselves totally to the utilize of the Traktor digital system. Dj. Josh soon noticed the big musical value of his friend Mike, in addition it was very evident their similarity in style and musical ta- ste. He decided to give more emphasis and weight to what was born as a joke. The two djs immediately achieved great success between friends and during their performances in Milano and another city. They played at Amensia Milano, Codice Club, The Loft, Bolgia ecc... This positive feedback motivated them to continue the undertaken road. After many production in different label, the BcB found the indie label Atum Record, in the 2013. Since 3 years in the project Beat Cool Brothers, Josh decided to change his aka in Joseph Krause, making dub tech tracks. ‘‘Krause’’ born in the May 2014 and with his friend Rawness, make a new concept under- ground label called DubGestion. Work for labels like : Deep Tech Records Yoruba Grooves Natural Beat Recording Harvibal Baile Musik Act natural Wavetech Limited ecc

Joseph Krause