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The original booty shaking label from Barcelona! Tracy Recordings is the discographic adventure of Kosmos, one of the top dj's in the Spanish electronic scene, also responsible for Palace Recordings, and one of the pioneers in Barcelona’s clubland. Next to him, Ginebra, co-director of Palace Recordings, dj, producer and a true nightfile personality and Funkmasta aka Strong Language pro musician Dj and producer of the highest level, conform a dream team of intrepid activists with a misión to refresh the Spanish club scene. With their first release, the Tracy Recordings team, have already proved that they shoot to kill. "Music For Bitches" was a compilation that worked as a label presentation, showing the world their dangerous weaponry of fresh and young talent and a compelling and irresistible sound. Household names like theAmplid, Sidechains, Bitcode, Meneo, Supercola, alongside foreign artists such as Monster P, Dj Beware or Kidz On Blue demonstrated that it was posible to release quality and fresh new music out of Barcelona. The evolution of Tracy has been unstoppable and release after release they’ve been positioning themselves in a prominent place inside Europe’s new electronic scene, that received them with open arms and a big smile. Now Tracy is not anymore “that label from Barcelona” and has slowly became a brand that means quality music and fresh sounds. No doubt this is the result of a string of solid releases by artists like theAmplid, Sidechains, Bitcode, Niterockets, Nujax, Night Drugs or Wool, that also featured great remixes by top names like Jimmy Edgar, Raziek, LoL Boys, Toy Selectah, Dj Donna Summer, Kid Kaio, Louis La Roche, Lorcan Mak, Disco Villains or Am Track. This has made Tracy won a strong reputation as a label, supported by people like Sinden, Drop The Lime, Egyptian Lover, L´Vis 1990, Bok Bok, Rampage, Bobmo, Si Begg or Mikix The Cat. Also Tracy have a residency at the respected Nitsa Club, their head honchos promote and dj at some of the hottest club nights in Barcelona and the Tracy sound is boeing requested by more and more clubs around Europe. Undoubtedly, future looks bright for Tracy Recordings.