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Antonio Pepe



Involved in the scene since the early nineties Antonio began playing in the Naples underground electronic circuit with probably one of the first electronic city crews ever, the Space Race. Over those years he teamed up with Loose Club (which gave name to Rino Cerrone’s own imprint Loose Records), a very relevant event organization in Italy during the nineties second half, playing alongside djs such as Jeff Mills, The Advent, Rino Cerrone, Gaetano Parisio, just to name a few After then Antonio teamed up with International Talent, one of Italy's most respected crews. To this day he is currently the resident dj constantly pushing Naples electronic scene boundaries. During the years he has gained big respect from the crowds as well as his dj colleagues hence putting him in the forefront of the electronic music circuit and he is part of Beatside Bookings agency. A skillful dj whose music style is influenced by various aspects including Chicago house, Detroit techno, electro and both classic and modern European electronic music. These aspects have attributed to his large and vast musical background and combining this with his skills he has become a highly considered and appraised dj An underground hero as "someone" said…

Antonio Pepe