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Born in Argentina and raised in Italy and currently living in Spain. Since she was 3 years old, Agostina had a huge passion for music, her influence started with classical music from Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Prokofiev, and more, which she danced for over 15 years with at Dance Academy Ballet in Italy, and all types of dances (jazz, contemporary, funk, hip-hop, flamenco) music was always a part of her life. Her dad always played on repeat mode his lovers such as George Michael, Barry White, Phil Collins non stop, music was something that never missed in her home, she was surrounded by different sounds all the time. As she grow up in Italy, by 5 years old, the impact of music totally changed in her into a even more melodic and classical style such as Zucchero, Mina, but most of all Agostina got to live in the times of the greatest Pavarotti, and back then she was also part of the chorus of ''La Tosca di Puccini'' singing where her passion for music started to grow more. When she moved back to Argentina by her 14s, it’s when she sneaked into her first rave with her best friend, to see Timo Mas, and that train she jumped into infinity and beyond, is the train she never got off from, till the present day. Everyday passing by she was learning more and more, but real change and epicenter in her life was when she moved to Europe back in 2015, where she discovered her own voice and her own style. Adam Beyer was the door, many years ago, that opened so many more other doors for Agostina, after doing her research trying to find out what she felt the most identified with, she found “that” door called Charlotte de Witte, and that’s the door that literally dragged her into the deep and dark side, inside the techno underground scene, so she has really been a huge influence in Agostina's music life and still is nowadays; ''because she was the sparkle i needed to discover so many other amazing artists out there that have had a huge impact in my musical journey, and still do''. ''I don’t particularly feel identified with just one techno sub-genre style because i just love everything that Techno involves, i always play by the energy that i feel in the moment, but also i play tracks that makes me vibrate high, when i feel those goosebumps on my skin it’s because that’s the right one. The higher the bpms the better!''

Agostina Spinelli