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| Booking & mgmt: Haythem@authentica-mb.ch Bio: Born in Milan in 2019, 19:26 is an innovative Italian electronic music project known for its unique blend of ambient and neoclassical elements in emotive techno. Recognized for stirring diverse emotions, 19:26 has earned global acclaim. With releases on labels like Afterlife, Siamese, and Zamna Records, 19:26 has made a mark in the industry, affiliating with Afterlife as a rising star. Endorsements from Tale of Us, Tiesto, Camelphat, Adriatique and more highlight 19:26's undeniable impact. Dedicated to evolution and collaboration, 19:26 explores creativity, ensuring a diving artistic journey. As a sought-after global DJ, 19:26 consistently delivers standout performances, showcasing versatility and pushing the boundaries of its distinctive sound.