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Le Vele Alassio is the reference club of the Ligurian Riviera of Ponente. Its strategic position in the splendid Alassio frame, overlooking the sea with the backdrop of the Gallinara island, illuminated palm trees and spotted furnishings makes it a fascinating and unique club. From 1992 to today it is the symbolic place of aggregation of generations, where the most elegant clientele is accustomed to meeting to spend great parties with fun. The hospitality, the quality and the service are the characteristics that always distinguish this club, nothing has ever been left to chance. Booking the table with important and selected bottles is a well-established tradition, so that tables often run out a few days before the evening. The club often hosts internationally renowned artists and events of a certain thickness. The music genre varies according to the evening.

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Via Francesco Maria Giancardi, n°50, Alassio, Italy

Le Vele

Via Francesco Maria Giancardi, n°50