J.C. Cover
J.C. (Cabrera, Tresor, AHD, Deeply Rooted) https://cabrera-rec.bandcamp.com/ https://clone.nl/all/label/Cabrera https://hardwax.com/?search=Cabrera Booking & Management: edu@giradiscos.org Over the last ten years, Madrid born Jose Cabrera has proved that he has a diverse taste in music, and an equally diverse output. Music that is made for the floor, music that works on distilling techno to is rawest and most core elements and music that aims to hypnotise dance floors with its absorbing sense of mood and groove. As well as EP's on labels like Deeply Rooted, Tresor Records & Ben Sims' Symbolism, he has also released on his own labels, J.C. and A Harmless Deed. 2015 came correct with a fully immersive full length, Portrait of the Flying Sky. It was a well received album that found J.C exploring his most compelling techno atmospheres yet. Full of refined grooves, slicks bleeps and bass and subtly spaced out synths, it proved a big success with DJs, dancers and worldwide press alike. As a DJ, this well travelled Spaniard is just as accomplished— In 2014 he became part of the resident team at the legendary Tresor club, most often found stitching together visceral techno soundtracks, electro and ambient whenever it is need in order to complete the musical path down which he takes you. Of course, J.C also plays at various other clubs and festivals around Europe and as such is a key part of the global techno conversation. J.C. - M- Theory EP - Greener Records J.C. & Fred P - Determinisim EP - Soul People Music J.C. - J.C. 01 - J.C. Records J.C. - Endurance EP - Deeply Rooted J.C. - Calypso EP (Keith Worthy remix) - AHD Records J.C. - J.C. 02 - J.C. Records Demo Tracks Vol2 - J.C. - Chenox - Tresor Records J.C. - J.C.03 - J.C. Records J.C. - J.C.SS with NX1 - J.C.S.S. J.C. & Kastil - Gasteiz EP - Symbolism J.C. - Portrait of the Flying Sky LP - Soul People Music Boards J.C. - The Rebellion of the Overman Part. 1 - Cabrera J.C. - The Rebellion of the Overman Part. 2 - Cabrera J.C. - Mugako LP - Semantica Records J.C. - Path to Nirvana - Cabrera J.C. - Vertigo - Cabrera J.C. - The Record for Keka - Cabrera J.C. & Kastil - No Spiritual Surrender - Cabrera