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this is the official soundcloud account of frank lorber founder of nummer-schallplatten in 2004. dj& producer since almost 20 years .playing gigs around the globe . long time member of the cocoon family. Resident at the legendary Omen Club in Frankfurt in the early 90`s ! Resident at Cocoon`s legendary Ibiza Amnesia Partys on Mondays , Produced and collaborated with Artists like Johannes Heil , Anthony Rother , Toni Rios , Joerg Henze , Santé , Bernd Maus , 2 Dollar Egg , Tres , etc etc... .released on labels like cocoon recordings , nummer , ministry of sound , cécille and many more....performed in almost all the big clubs and festivals around the globe......Please note that we will NOT answer any emails, listen to any demos or tracks, or follow any individuals that are sent to this account. QUESTIONS CAN BE SENT TO , thanks & enjoy!

Frank Lorber