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Giant 303 – The greatest replica of the legendary Roland TB-303

The technological developments and improvements in the last few decades made everyone’s life easier reaching a state where it is incredibly capable of doing amazing things, such as miniaturization of many electronic devices and instruments… but this is not the case!

Indeed, a replica of the legendary Roland TB-303, the revolutionary synthesizer and carrier of the classic acid house and techno sounds, has been produced. This Giant 303 is able to create the same acid textures of the original one. That is just insane!

The Giant 303 replica has been used as interactive multimedia installation in various events and festivals to bring the real soul of this analog instrument: as you can see from the video below, its dimensions are impressive, way bigger than a human being! To play this synth and navigate its giant interface, at least to people are needed!

Take a look at the video below to see this beauty in action together with a Korg Volca to allow even more beat innovation.