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The 5 types of friends when you go clubbing

Friends are the family we choose, someone said once. They are for sure are an important part of our life and we love spending our time with them. BUT. Of course, there is but! Sometimes friends are just not made for clubbing, we adore them, a lot, but they simply aren’t made for clubbing. Those very few times you go dancing with these friends, it’s a disaster. And it is almost sure, all of us have had one of these types of friends at least once!


The horny

If your friend is a girl and is a horny one, you can be 90% sure you’re going to end up spending your night alone. She will be flirting even with the stools of the bar. If you’re lucky though, you will be in that other 10% and you will spend the night together probably getting drunk. The guy to whom she was winking still believes she had a tick of some sort, but don’t tell her, she thinks she’s a great flirter!

If your friend is a boy, and as a matter of fact is even worse than the girl friend, you will most probably spend your evening trying not to make him get punched in the nose by someone. With his sexy looks and amazing moves, he will try and make out with everything single girl of the club, getting into trouble with the engaged ones. Start running if the boyfriend is big! Of course, he has nor sexy looks nor amazing moves.




Going around with this friend is no joke at all. It’s the friend that everybody would like to have, the person who everybody is waiting for at the club, the one who gets in jumping the queue and shaking the owner’s hand, the one who gets in the DJ booth and hangs out with the coolest people. No, just joking. This is the friend who thinks he’s a VIP because of the 987 followers of Instagram, who says the typical awkward sentence “Do you know who I am?” and gets bounced at the entrance, compromising everyone’s night. Unfriend him. Now. For real. Do it.




The Sober

Having a Sober friend has many positive aspects, mainly when you are drunk: there will always be someone to bring you home, someone will remember what you did, maybe your dignity will be safe. But it will also mean to go out with your mother, more or less. The Sober friend has a natural gift for making you feel awful with that judgemental look on the face, that way of checking every 27,5 seconds if you are fine, that way of holding a weird alcohol free drink while you are drinking regrets with ice cubes not even knowing where you actually are.



The Excited  

This is the buddy who goes out once in a while and when he does, he has an energy drink in his veins. He’s the one who starts creating group chats and texting about the event, going through the weeks with suggestions, crazy cats GIFS, ideas, weird videos with which not even your grandfather would laugh. When the weekend arrives this friend is the one who wants to go and drink in the first bar, then in the second bar, go to the club, to the other club, go back to the first one, go to the after party, to the after party of the after party, go and eat. Then he just switches off.



The “Hi” friend

Having this type of friend can be fun on some occasions, like the “garage ones”, smoking pot and playing vintage video games, but might become awkward in others. This friend tends to arrive at the party, find a spot, take out rolling paper and disappears in the fumes of his happy tobacco. The only word he’s able to say is “Hiiii”, followed 9 times out of 10 by a cough. Remember to bring some snacks, it’s extremely important!




(Cover Image: © Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash)

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