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Henry Saiz & Band premiere their new A/V album “Human” at the Fayer Live Edition

The Spanish producer goes a step further this time and, surrounded by his band, develops a new narrative of image and music that navigates through different textures, landscapes and cultures around the world 0

A trip around the world through different sound layers. Exaggerated eclecticism. Fusion between electronic, house, indie, electro-pop and even the less conventional trap music. Collaborations with strange local artists from each of the 11 corners visited by the band. And, for each of those adventures, a track, a movie. Welcome “Human”.

If electronic music has got such a loyal fan base, it is probably thanks to little big surprises and dazzling sounding flashes like this one. Henry Saiz is one of the most recognized Spanish producers. He has always moved between minimalist techno and much more progressive sounds and styles. Melodies have always been one of his predilections and core point. But, far from accommodating, this time Henry goes much further.

“Human” is not just another good album. It is, without doubts, his biggest project, his greatest personal goal finally concluded. And it has not been an easy task. Henry had to rely on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. There, he could raise €73,000 from 813 backers who felt absolute enthusiast for what the artist wanted to develop. He conformed his band with Eloy Serrano and Luís M. Deltell and, together, they started their trip around the world.

11 spots of the planet. 11 tracks. 11 movies. According to the authors, the aim was to “describe through music and video those places that reveal aspects of what it really means to be human, whether for better or for worse”. In 2017, The Golden Cage was released, a first single that served as an advance and as a great claim. Since then, we were all waiting for the full album release. The Golden Cage focuses on Dubai, “one of those magical places, where the magic arose over what until recently was pure desert and where a dark side is hiding about so much wonder, as it happens in all of us,” Saiz said.

With The Golden Cage, they give us 6 delicious minutes. Six minutes in which melancholy takes over the soul of the listener, supported by a combination of indie and electronica and edited vocals that embrace the five senses. With a slow-built rhythm, a highly elaborated bass-line and a slow progression, Henry Saiz & Band obtain an extreme sophisticated result, which requires a delicate and attentive listening, and which proposes a clear mind-opening that takes us away from the usual in any dance club. Such is the level of that first track, that it was remixed by Sebastian Leger, David Douglas and Arabs With Synthesiser. Each one took The Golden Cage to a different ground, offering disco versions, synth and much more experimental options.

“How to translate the essence of a place into a song? Can music be a tool to understand who we are? This is a journey around the world in search of answers to these and other questions. An album and a film that pay tribute to the mysterious language of music.”

This is how Henry Saiz & Band introduce “Human”. Finally, the full album has been published in Natura Sonoris, the label owned by Henry Saiz. And, with it, the first of the 11 episodes that will make up the final film. Along with Dubai, Lanzarote, Australia, Kenya, Vietnam, California, Tokyo, Europe, the Argentine Andes and Antarctica make up the equation that builds bridges between electronic music and the different cultures that connect the humanity globally. In “Human”, music is not the milestone, but the tool through which the deepest human condition is explored in its multiple formulas. Feel welcome.

When: Saturday 21st April
Where: Akuarela Playa
Lineup: Henry Saiz & Band live, Rodriguez Jr. live, Edu Imbernon and more


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