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dj electrosplash valencia 2017

Adriatique, Agoria and Dasha Rush, between the headliners of ElectroSplash

Last year was a magical one. For many, the best out of the 14 that ElectroSplash has already lived. On April 27th, 28th and 29th, the Marina de Valencia will once again dance underground techno and electronic music to the rhythm of some of the most talented producers and DJs on the scene.

The festival website shows Adriatique and Agoria in the first places of the list. It is due to the alphabetical order, an order that could very well coincide with the musical relevance. Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have been united for a decade under that alias that fits perfectly with their names. As Adriatique, they have become a reference of the melodic electronic music and deep techno, being now one of the main names present within the Diynamic label and also within the mega-giant label Afterlife.

The French Agoria is not less important. He was positioned at the top together with Scala, one of the greatest pieces of the recent history. Recently, he has continued to publish his own sounds as well as to edit other artists’ stuff, although his greatest contribution has been the Agoria Invites Tour, a series of events around Europe that always feature his performance with a special guest. He has collaborated with people like Michael Mayer, founder of Kompakt Records, Patrice Bäumel, Danny Daze, Âme or John Talabot. His melodic sounds and his taste for the most intimate genres are his hallmarks.

The more powerful music lovers are also celebrating the arrival of ElectroSplash thanks to Dasha Rush. This Russian DJ has been always playing dark and industrial techno but adding also a more alternative and personal touch with a remarkable oriental look. Other important names of the scene complete this first release of artists. The vinyl house collector Daniel Baughman, the producer and performer of environmental electronics Sau Poler, the Uruguayan Tania Vulcano, the German Superpitcher and the American Marshall Jefferson could be some of the big surprising highlights of the weekend.

Special mention for the Galician Cora Novoa, one of the revolution artists of this last year in Spain, and Culoe de Song, a South African artist who navigates between genres in order to make his personal path. All of them will be present at the ElectroSplash with many others whose identity is still unknown.
Very soon, ElectroSplash will complete its line-up. At the end of April, Valencia will dance again. That’s the only thing we know for sure.

When: April 26th, 27th and 28th
Where: Marina (Valencia)
LineupAdriatique, Agoria, Cora Novoa, Culoe de Song, Daniel Baughman, Marshall Jefferson, Sau Poler, Superpitcher, Tania Vulcano and more