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Nylon Club’s 6th anniversary is around the corner

It is like six years that this club is hosting fans coming from different musical genres. If one day this special venue will not be here anymore, not only the public but also the Valencian nightlife industry will realize how important Nylon Club is. At Xceed we are very aware of its value and this value is gonna be demonstrated with its upcoming 6th anniversary  Next April 14th will be a long night (the club will not close until 7:30am) and, knowing that, many clubbers from Valencia have already booked their tickets to ensure their access.

nylon club valencia empty

Room 1 will host the most commercial sounds of pop. Pau Roca Ávila is a member of La Habitación Roja. Together with DEX, they will make the audience dance, jump, sing and go crazy. An audience that, night after night, always leaves the level of the Nylon Club’s events on the top. Room 2, as usual, will be reserved for more underground sounds, mainly house and techno. The great Alicia DC is one of the main guests. The other one is Alessandro Fiore, member of Techno On The Street and a famous techno DJ of the city. With them, dancing until dawn would be a wise choice.

When: Saturday April 14th
Where: Nylon Club
Lineup: Pau Roca (La Habitación Roja), DEX, Alicia DC and Alessandro Fiore