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Adam Beyer defends himself on Twitter after being accused of ghost production in “Your Mind”

It was the big hit of 2018. It was released on Drumcode in mid-June, although it had been played for months in the best clubs and the most massive mainstages of the worldwide electronic scene. We’re talking about “Your Mind”, a track that achieved lovers and detractors in almost equal proportions. It’s signed by the Swede Adam Beyer and the Dutch Bart Skils. Although many think that, in reality, Bart Skils put the talent and Adam Beyer, the name, the brand, the media impact. Drumcode’s boss came on stage this week via Twitter to disprove it.



As you can see, Adam Beyer acknowledges that Bart Skils did a lot of work on the track and recalls that his name also appears in the credits. But, in turn, he claims that many of the stems used were created by him. Finally, he recalls that he has produced more than 100 tracks throughout his career (a long career, even more than Drumcode’s own life) and closes his tweet with a resounding “keep to subject”.



Other great DJs from the big-room techno scene have reacted quickly by supporting Adam Beyer and ridiculing the critics. Among them, Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati, Yousef and Chris Liebing. The latter dedicated some nice words to the Swede, noting that he is witness to the brilliant productions that Adam Beyer signed in the 90s.



One of the most popular responses, however, was tweeted by Darude, Finnish producer famous on the trance scene for his anthem “Sandstorm”. Darude acknowledged that he’s not in the same genres as Adam Beyer, but reminded him that only he knows what he’s doing in the studio and that should be more than enough. Nevertheless, the big question remains. How much real influence did Adam Beyer have on the creation of “Your Mind”? In the end, everyone will think what they want.



(Cover Image: © Phlame)




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