It’s better if you don’t join the WOW Pool Party… unless you fit any of these conditions

It is not an adventure for all audiences. With 8 years and 15 editions behind it, the WOW Pool Party is the only party thought 100% for the Erasmus of Valencia. And it is a complete madness 0

Are you one of those who run the well dry? Do you feel proud of Valencia and want to show to your colleagues what is WOW? Are you new in the city and you don’t care about ANYTHING? Have you come to drink, drink, drink and… drink!? Have you already put your eyes on that person and you think WOW Pool Party is the perfect moment to go for him/her? Do you like the beach, the pool, the electronic music, and beautiful and young people? How is it possible that some people are missing this? This is your day. You meet the requirements. You are ready. Let the game begin.

The WOW Pool Party is just around the corner. Every September, the craziest and most daring Erasmus students decide to release their exchange year in Valencia with the most extreme Pool Party in Spain. Next Saturday, September 15th, the teams of Xceed and Happy Erasmus will be waiting for you at the spectacular PROA, which will once again host the most surreal event in the university world. From 2 pm to 3:30 am on Sunday, PROA‘s spectacular pool will bring together more than 600 young people from all over the world and with huge, huge desire to party.

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It all started in 2010 when Xceed landed in the Turia capital and decided to create the first WOW party in a pool. It was the first Pool Party made for students in Valencia‘s history. It was the first WOW Pool Party. Some of them shine especially in our memories (like that of 2013 in which even the TV decided to join). Now, 8 years and 15 editions have passed, but we still feel able to say that the WOW Pool Party is the best and craziest Erasmus party that one can find in the whole country.

This is happening on Saturday, September 15th at 2 pm at PROA, a club located in Pobla de Farnals, just at the point where the famous Playa de la Marina begins. Don’t know how to get there? We propose you to come by coach. The coaches will leave from 1:30 pm on from the Rounding Building on Ramon Llull Street, in the University Campus, for the outward journey, and from 9 pm on from PROA, for the return. To reserve a place, you only have to write your name here in a comment indicating which coach you want to use (among all available times).

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Everyone of legal age can attend the WOW Pool Party. Now, is everyone truly prepared? Our answer is clear: no. This is a pure celebration, pure debauchery, pure lack of control. Only the bravest will succeed here. They are more than 12 hours in which the sexiest teams of Xceed and Happy Erasmus will not let you rest for a single second. Vodka guns, Jägermeister guns, inflatable rafts, cakes, costumes, Martini everywhere, shots and more shots… and, of course, the best electronic music. It is a combo not suitable for weak party-goers. Let the game begin.


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