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marcos cabral nature talks EP

The American Marcos Cabral focuses on warm electronic music with his new Nature Walk EP on Dimensions

Nature Walk has finally been released. After months of work in his studio, Marcos Cabral could finally see his music published by a well-established and hugely respected label, Dimensions Recordings. Despite Marcos had already included his epic Prochainement on a previous Dimensions mix, now it’s the first time that his original stuff is completely released by this label.

Marcos’s music is used to be played by most of the top-positioned DJs around the world. He already demonstrated his capacity to produce really impacting music fitting different genres. His previous releases on Clone, L.I.E.S. and Mule Musiq are perfect examples. His domain of house and techno is impressive, and one can easily feel that none of the elements composing his music is there casually.

This new five-track EP is a subtle overview of what he has been doing during the last 15 years. We can notice the capital importance of melodies, how he likes to explore new lands with the high percussions (both slow and intense) and, finally, how he can touch listeners’ souls, through intermingled transitions between house and techno music, reducing the differences between these two genres to a minimum.

“Wishful” and “Let’s See How The Light Goes Through” can be perfectly categorized as deep house productions, while “Nature Walk” goes on a more ambient and deep vibe techno style. “Cap Cod” shows the more experimental face of Marcos Cabral and “Rice A Roni”, the fourth track of the EP, takes ourselves directly to the dance floor of the club.