Chasing the Beat: Festival Tours Done Differently with Beats Travel

When you hear the thump of music playing you’re automatically drawn towards the rhythm, until your own heart syncs with the bass and you’re suddenly one it the same. That’s what it’s like From the faintest idea, you search the internet for something interesting, the chatter of friends, Facebook, instagram photos.

Join one of the these tours and you’re immediately drawn in to a adventure, hopping from one dance floor to the next and experiencing everything in between. You’re in capable hands, the leaders of these melodious expeditions have logged  their fair share of dance floor hours and have made all the local hookups so you don’t have to. With exotic, off the beaten track destinations such as India or the Balkans, an . Get tanned, swim in the sea and dance until you see the sun come up.Moments of buildup melt into relaxed afternoons spent lying in the sun or taking in the buzzing local culture. Each tour surrounds a carefully selected music event and then the activities are built upon this, but always re. The Djs will travel with you in a

Chatting to one of the founders, ______ He tells us about what makes Beats Travel truly a unique experience.

From the beginning, passion for traveling has always been at the forefront of their . The progression from traveller to leader was easy. “There’s always someone in the group that wants to keep the party going or explore new areas, and that was us,” says ____. Sharing the knowledge they’ve gained by traveling themselves is key to giving people the best experience possible. “All of the stories and advice that we received whilst travelling was definitely the most valuable asset I could have received. To pass this on to others, and to help them to experience the best possible parts of each place and each culture has been amazing.” They began by organizing and taking groups of friends to festivals and then adding an itinerary where they could experience the country in detail, away from typical tourist traps. From this, Beats Travel was born.

beats travel

They choose events based on what they believe will give passengers the most unique experience. From getting the chance to party in a 1700 year old fortress in India while DJ Koze plays to raving on the beaches of Montenegro surrounded by amazing mountains, some of the tours sound like things you could only dream of. Working closely with artist affiliates in each country and sending the team out ahead of time to each location ensures that they have all the connections and perfect itinerary for when the tours take off. “We want our traveller to see the most compelling and interesting side the culture at each place that we visit whilst having the opportunity to see amazingly talented artists, both local and international.” Like everything, people have different interests and enjoy different music genres. Beats Travel aims to cater for lovers of most music genres on their festival tours, whether you’re looking for a bigger festival experience such as EXIT with commercial EDM to rap, or to the more niche techno lovers that we arrange experiences around festivals such as Sonus in Croatia.

Island Beats

The four days we stay at Novalja will have you joining boat parties, BBQs, flotillas and crazy after parties. So why did we choose Sonus festival? Sonus is one of the coolest festivals around that specialises in House and Techno, it takes place in some of Zrce’s most well known clubs: Papaya, Aquarius and Kalypso. Think hot weather, a thumping baseline and crystal clear water.
Just a few names that will be attended Sonus Festival 2016
• Troxler
• Dixon
• Loco Dice
• Jamie Jones
• Marco Carola
• Chris Liebing
And many many more…

Balkan Beats

The history, culture and underground nightlife are what makes the Balkans a unique part of Europe. This is why we have chosen this destination to spend 15 days on our tour that runs from Serbia to Croatia. In-between you have a cheeky affair with not one but two amazing music festivals; EXIT Music Festival in Serbia and Sea Dance Music Festival in Montenegro. These festivals are home to some of the biggest names in music from Disclosure to Guns and Roses.
Come with us on a journey through the Balkans and visit the home of some of the most beautiful people in the world (in our opinion). Experience locations that have only, in recent decades started to find their identity and believe us when we say they have! From the underground music scene in Belgrade, the beauty and serenity of Sarajevo, to the pumping beach parties in Budva. Our 15 day Balkan Beats tour is definitely not one to miss.


Soak Up an Epic Electronic Lineup at Medusa Sunbeach Festival 2016

Soak Up an Epic Electronic Lineup at Medusa Sunbeach Festival 2016

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