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Cymatiks: an immersive experience into music

In recent years the music industry has grown a lot, clubbers want more and more music, more and more events and, above all, more and more quality. It’s pretty clear that the latter is what differentiates and makes a festival, or an event in general, remarkable and amusing. And it’s exactly what Agents Of Time managed to do with the launch of their new party: Cymatiks.


Cymatiks Agents Of Time Hangar Bruxelles Xceed NightMag


Cymatiks is a concept which goes beyond imagination, that actually makes thoughts towards music visible. The motto of the night is well defined, both in communication and in facts: “music made visible”. A cymatic in fact is an abstract image which is created through the capturing of music vibrations, thanks to a specific machine.

The first event, which took place September 28th, was organized in the beautiful and raw venue of Hangar, in Brussels. A warehouse just next to the river which, once in, becomes a massive and amazing location. Divided into four spaces, the clubbers are immediately thrown into an immersive experience entering the venue. Blue and dark lights, alternated with slow and intense light beams, tall black walls, decorated with abstract paintings. But, believe us, the real experience still has to start. To enter the “real” venue, clubbers pass through a room which is covered at 360° by led walls. The feeling is incredible, it is very easy to get lost in the abstract, dark and impressive visual art.


Cymatiks Hangar Bruxelles Xceed NightMag


Once in, the experience continues in the first room, where art installations, smoke and laser beams create a shadowy, mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, in which clubbers can relax, chat and get ready to start the night. The music journey starts with Golden Virgo, who fills the Macula Room with raw and industrial sounds, alternated to powerful beats. Following, Anna Nova, young Russian DJ, a new entry in the techno scene. New entry, yes, and also very promising. Her set is full of energy, her smiles behind the booth complete the scene, creating the perfect atmosphere to get into the flow of the party. Meanwhile in th Auditory Room, which is the main space, Fideles are starting the fill the dance floor with their melodic sounds. This main room is impressive, the light system goes over every expectation, involving the crowd in a mystical atmosphere. The sound system completes the excellence of the venue, without any doubt. We confirm it with the powerful yet very elegant set of Michael Mayer, owner of the renowned label Kompakt Records.


Michael Mayer Cymatiks Hangar Bruxelles Xceed NightMag


Clubbers have gathered up in front of the stage, the hands are lost in the air, following the rhythm and the amazing visual arts behind the booth. The sensation of deepness behind the DJ creates a “3D epxerience” in which the focus is completely on the music. Tijana T, back in the Macula Room, is lost into her contradictive sound, just as the clubbers who prefer this more intimate atmosphere, with low lights and another powerful Funktion One sound system. There’s no space for thinking, the focus, once again, is completely on the music. After her, Danny Daze, also known as Danny from Miami, sets the pace with his eclectic sounds. The crowd has completely understood his message, the heads are low on the ground, everyone is concentrating on his musical journey. In the meantime, Red Axes are literally hypnotizing the Auditory Room.


Red Axes Cymatiks Agents Of Time Hangar Bruxelles Xceed NightMag


The Tel Aviv duo surely knows how to create the right atmosphere. A highlight of their set is undoubtedly the melody of their own Shabak Shalom, which fills the entire room with smiles, lost into the music. It can almost be admired, also thanks to the amazing visual art. Apparat takes over the mix, continuing the journey into music with an interesting DJ set, maybe less melodic and as expected. The typical melancholy leaves space to a more energetic set. Back in the Macula Room, Danny Daze is playing his last tracks, amongst which the original version of Two Hearts One of Stacey Q. The crowd is ready for the live set of Amato & Adriani and after just the first 15 minutes we can only say one thing: wow! It’s impossible not to dance and take off for another musical journey. It’s literally a continuous experience into the sounds of all these incredible artists.


Cymatiks Agents Of Time Floating Points Hangar Bruxelles Xceed NightMag


It’s the turn of Floating Points, and the feeling in the Auditory Room is of being underwater, into a magical parallel world. For the atmosphere, and above all for his music. Clubbers are dancing and smiling, he is dancing behind the mixer, enjoying the night with his crowd. Etapp Kyle is the last artist who keeps the clubbers in the Macula Room, closing the night with his techno mixed to industrial sounds. But the party isn’t over yet, the moment of the owners of the night has arrived. Finally, the live of Agents Of Time. One track after the other, they bring Hangar into the last journey of the night, the perfect way to officially end the first appointment of Cymatiks. We do believe something new, unique and really interesting has just started, a promising reality which we can’t wait to live once again. Where? When? We hope really soon in another beautiful location, now we just have to wait, remembering one of the best nights of the year.


(Cover image & images © Phlame)


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