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ECLIPSE, Barcelona’s full VIP experience


I wasn’t sure what to expect as I approached the world renowned W Hotel in Barceloneta. As I entered the building, I was instantly welcomed by the elegant and polite host. She smiled and invited me to catch the lift to the 26th floor. I’ve never taken an elevator up to a nightclub in Barcelona before, or anywhere for that matter. It was at this point that I realised I was in for an experience like no other.


I used the Xceed app to join the club Guest List prior to my arrival. I showed the doorman on the door, entered with no problems, and headed to collect my complimentary champagne. I then took a moment to assess the true beauty of the club. I’ve never experienced Barcelona nightlife quite like this.

The interior boasts a sleek, modern feel, with rows of carefully arranged tables and enclosed seating areas. The vibe is incredibly elegant, make sure you dress to impress. I was glad that I’d donned by favourite black dress and heels as I sat down at a table underneath the window, which stretched the entire length of one wall. From here, I could see right out over the Barceloneta beach. I felt like royalty, sipping champagne and absorbing the breath-taking views. Eclipse isn’t just an incredible place to party; it’s a unique and bewitching experience.


Once I had finished my champagne, I headed towards the bar. Eclipse has a drinks list like no other, boasting a magnificent variety of Spirits, Wines & Champagne. However, a drinks inventory is nothing without expertise behind the bar. Of course Eclipse does not fail to deliver in this department either with their highly skilled staff providing friendly, unequalled service. I watched in awe as a charismatic bar man made me up a ‘Pink Floyd’ with speed and precision. The bar stretched the entire length of the room, so I didn’t have to wait long at all to be served. Eclipse also boasts an impressive Sushi menu.

From the bar, to the dance floor all the way to the bathrooms, this place screams chíc. The music compliments the atmosphere, chilled out house music with the occasional classic thrown in for everyone to sing along to! Every night in Eclipse is different, so whether you’re in to house, hip-hop or EDM, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The club has a great sound system, featuring professional audio equipment from DJ providers Pioneer, and high-end Martin Audio speakers, meaning the music always sounds crisp and anthemic.


Because the club vibe is so vibrant, I had no trouble making a few friends during my visit to Eclipse. The crowds began to thicken dramatically after midnight, and finding a solo seating area became difficult. However, every attendee was extremely friendly and happy to chat to me. Everyone was quite content to be here. Eclipse isn’t a club that you stagger into on a whim, it’s a classy, well positioned establishment that requires a little effort. Besides, once you’re here, I can guarantee you won’t be thinking about where to go next! Eclipse is the hub of Barcelona nightlife.

The general atmosphere of the club was dynamic, yet still very chilled out. I sank a few more drinks and joined with a group of students who had invited me to dance with them. I felt great! There was no pressure to drink to the extreme; but the cocktails do go down a little too easy! I discovered this quite quickly; trying as many different cocktails as I could became a personal mission. A lovely local assisted in my quest, and graciously bought me an ‘Eclipse’, aptly named after the club. My favourite drink of the night was the house Passion Fruit Martini, so I’d definitely recommend trying one.


My visit to Eclipse is difficult to conclude with words. It’s literally something you need to experience yourself. With astonishing, boundless views of the Mediterranean, enjoy a mid-day Sushi platter and a couple of Margaritas, or party like a V.I.P with the full works bottle service until the early hours. This place is always kicking. Be sure to bring your camera as you will be the envy of all your friends as you upload the views to Instagram, (No need for a filter on this one). ECLIPS5
Celebrate and party overlooking the Barcelona skyline in the spectacular W Hotel. It’s by far the most incredible place I’ve enjoyed a cocktail in. It’s a wonder Eclipse is not at the very forefront of the public eye, however, I think it’s that very asset that makes it truly spectacular. Located 26 floors above everything else, Eclipse literally is a cut above the rest.

 Join the guest list to ensure you get in faster and receive your complimentary champagne every Tuesday!



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