5 reasons why you must experience WOW Pool Party

If you never heard of WOW parties you know what your next duty is: heading to the next party and experience the madness. WOW parties are basically regular events that started in Valencia and well known for being the craziest and extravagant Erasmus parties. WOW parties never disappoint, but particularly a special one: the WOW Pool Party.


Here’s a top 5 reasons why you MUST go to Wow Pool Party.

1- It’s the one and only official pool party organized for Erasmus people in Valencia

With summer around the corner, we all fantasize of a giant pool party to enjoy the outdoors, refresh ourselves after dancing under the sun or catch a tan while sipping a cocktail and thanks god WOW Pool Party is back again: the only and unique pool party happening twice a year bringing Erasmus together. Judging from its reputation, WOW Pool Party celebration can’t be compared to other parties, and more than being one of the best parties, it is surely the splashiest pool party you’ll ever attend.

2- You’ll get to dance to amazing techno, house music

If there is one policy at a WOW Pool Party it will probably be that good music is compulsory.  With an amazing sound system and insane DJs, no one will stay static, and even if you are, someone will probably throw you in the pool anyway. WOW guarantees good vibes, mind-blowing music that will make you dance all day long on crystal clear techno, house and chillout beats.

3- People flock from everywhere to WOW pool party every year

If everyone buzzes with excitement when WOW Pool Party announces its return on the 15th of September, it’s also because of all the Erasmus heading to the pool party from everywhere. The crowd there is super international, students from all around the globe are booking their flight in advance to make sure to participate to the event. It’s the moment for you to work on your language skills…

Wow Pool Party valencia xceed

4- You’ll have no limits, no restrictions

Starting at 2 pm the all crowd will already be jumping around on the dance floor. Buy yourself countless cocktails and beers, chill out on an inflatable crocodile, get drunk with vodkaguns and jelly shots, let your crazy out! It is definitely not the place to be for faint-hearted people. At WOW literally, no fucks are given. The ultimate purpose of WOW is to come together, spend a good time and that’s all that matters.

5- It’s the best summer event not to miss before you leave (or when you arrive in) Spain

Xceed & Happy Erasmus are joining their forces to make the most of your day with the WOW Pool Party. We ensure you this is the event of this summer and the perfect way to end your Erasmus stay, the icing on the cake in short. When the sun will go down you will realize it has probably been one of the craziest day of your life. You clearly must get there to understand how lit this event is. It’s sincerely next level. Here’s a video if you’re not convinced yet.

Ibiza Opening Season 2017: a party paradise for ravers

Ibiza Opening Season 2017: a party paradise for ravers

EDIT : First things first, complete & up to date list of events : Ibiza

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