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Top tracks that made summer 2023 one of the best so far

The anthems of the most epic season of the year. From your moments of relax, madness, euphoria, the best festivals and clubbing nights under the stars. Summer is the time when we can most clearly see who has done their homework during the year and is at the top with their tracklist at the most awaited events of the year. And here we are, to bring you the IDs you’ve been asking for so many months in the Instagram comments. 

Rampa, Sparrow & Barbosa – ‘Champion’

Keinemusik‘s krew closes another summer being one of the most requested acts on the planet. And in between so many shows and so much travelling, Rampa has still managed to find time to wrap up this summer to the rhythm of his long-awaited collaboration with Sparrow & Barbosa named ‘Champion’, in which the distinctive tribal beats have taken over our bodies -once again- throughout the summer.

Lock ‘N Load, Club Caviar – ‘Blow Ya Mind’ (Club Caviar Remix)

Mass Medium (aka Club Caviar) are living a second youth with the return of trance into the spotlight. Artists like VTSS are dusting off their old bangers, creating great moments at festivals and clubs alike using the UK duo’s productions and remixes as a secret weapon during their sets. 

Tripolism, Nandu, Radeckt – ‘Dope Dance’

The diamond in the underground scene has been created by the trio of Tripolism, Nandu and Radeckt. ‘Dope Dance’ is capable of teleporting us to another era from the first listen with its hypnotic synths and a catchy vocal that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Fred again.., Obongjayar – ‘adore u’

He is undoubtedly one of the men of the moment, and of course he needed to have his “hit of the summer”. The lovely Fred again… has taken advantage of the heat to share one of his most requested IDs, collaborating with Obongjayar on a track we’ve all seen on our friends’ Instagram Stories and which, against all odds, it looks like we’re not going to loathe.

Mochakk – ‘Jealous’

Pedro is on fire, and he proves it not only in the realm of his performances but also in the studio. Mochakk‘s CircoLoco Records debut pays tribute to the roots of house music in a beat that transports us to DC-10 as soon as we put on the headphones and press play.

Vel – ‘You Taste Like Zaatar’

With spiky synthesizers and a successful build-up with drum rolls, the French Vel has built one of the most played tracks by artists such as SPFDJ or Anetha. The Mama Loves Ya gem has one foot on the next rung of artists who are going to hit it big in 2024 and this ‘You Taste Like Zaatar’ is proof of that.

Bananarama – ‘Venus’ (Boys Noize Rework)

We’ve all sung along to this 80s classic. 37 years after its original release, the Bananarama anthem gets an update from Boys Noize in one of the most unexpected crossovers of the summer. The German producer has turned the original into a psytrance-tinged track breaker, and we have a feeling this remix is going to be with us on the dancefloors for a long time to come.

KRL MX, Hoymans – ‘Tropical Boost’

That techno at its grooviest has been gaining ground this past year is something we can all agree on. Even more so when it includes Spanish vocals. Without losing the melody but with continuous speed, KRL MX and Hoymans invite us to move the body with this fun but powerful ‘Tropical Boost’.

Hedex, Eksman – ‘MHITR (Semi-Automatic)’

Drum and bass lovers have spent the whole summer headbanging to the sound of one of the most acclaimed tracks on the scene in recent months. We dare you to listen to this ‘MHITR (Semi-Automatic)’ by Hedex with Eksman and try to contain your bassface when you get to the wild drops. Blah blah blah!

Aversion – ‘Activation’

Ending this top with the BPMs going through the roof was predictable. The phenomenon of harder styles is revolutionising electronic music and in particular, rawstyle is the record breaker. So much so that ‘Activation’ by emerging talent Aversion has been played by the likes of Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. 

Lacking something on this list? Don’t worry pal, we’ve got a playlist for you to discover many more tracks that don’t necessarily have a summery feel, but have the ingredients to spice up your own playlists.

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