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Ibiza Opening Season 2017: a party paradise for ravers

EDIT : First things first, complete & up to date list of events : Ibiza Parties

The island of Ibiza offers a magnificent coastline, views and beaches, everything for a perfect trip to relax. But we know if you guys head to Ibiza, it’s not to go fishing or planting trees, but more to party tirelessly for a week with your mates. Ibiza offers a large selection of clubs, but not any kind of nightclubs, some of the best in the world.

You might wonder when did Ibiza become such an attraction for party lovers? Well, here’s a little history of the changing face of Ibiza’s nightlife. After attracting all hippies in the 70’s, the pleasure island started in the 80’s to bring clubbers. Even if at that time the island wasn’t yet known as the party capital of the planet, it already had some phenomenal clubs you’re probably familiar with, such as Amnesia, KU or the famous Pacha. While KU was known as the largest outdoor club, Amnesia was recognized for its DJs, especially DJ Alfredo and its mind-blowing sets and Pacha was famous for being the great local club becoming a few years later a global super-brand.

Clubbers at Ku, 1984, showing off their hyper-glamorous Eighties style – it’s all about the fishnets, leopard print and spandex

This is basically the time where the music landscape changed with DJs playing some dance music, pop, house music. Ravers would head to those clubs for the ultimate purpose to party until dawn. Ibiza became a heaven for liberal and Spanish people under Franco’s government, a place where people would simply let it go seeking for pleasure and no more. Coming to the year 1989, some other clubs like the Space Ibiza welcomed revelers with open-arms and took control over the Ibizan nightlife. And this, my friends, was birth of a party paradise.

So, obviously when Ibiza starts its season you need start planning a calendar. So many opening parties you won’t know which way to head. On the menu, we have:

In a nutshell, the season starting in May, appears to be as mad as the past others. More than clubbing you’ll experience pool parties, daytime festivals, beaches on the hedonistic island perfect for holidays.




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