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September 2019 in Valencia: the 10 best electronic music parties

If we were talking about the line-up of an international frontline festival, nobody would be shocked. In September, Valencia welcomes Dixon, Helena Hauff, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Steve Lawler… It’s an absolute blast. With all this in the calendar, anyone goes back to the routine with energy, right? Let’s play!


10. DJ Playero and more @ Roto (Látex)

dj playero latex club valencia entradas tickets xceed guia mejores fiestas septiembre

To speak about DJ Playero may not sound like a big thing until you figure out that DJ Playero was the first to discover a young reggaeton enthusiast like Daddy Yankee. DJ Playero was among the first to fuse reggae, hip hop and freestyles in Spanish, finding the reggaeton we know today. His particular vision of the genre can be discovered this night at Roto.

When: Saturday, September 7th
Where: Látex
Lineup: DJ Playero and BVNKZ



9. Robert Dietz and more @ Oven Club Centro

robert dietz oven club centro valencia entradas tickets xceed septiembre

Hand in hand with his own TBT label, the German Robert Dietz has built over the last 10 years a sound of his own, focused on deep house with acidic details and complex and slightly experimental bases. He will be the protagonist of this new high flight session at Oven.

When: Friday, September 27th
Where: Oven Club Centro
Lineup: Robert Dietz and Dario Méndez



8. Francesco del Garda and more @ Oven Club Centro

francesco del garda oven club centro valencia tickets entradas xceed septiembre electronica fiesta

Another session to consider this month, also at Oven, is the one by Francesco del Garda, a veteran of funk, techno and accelerated groove. One of those vinyl collectors who surprises his audience every time he goes into the DJ booth. With Del Garda, the party always turns into a gathering of music lovers looking for new treasures for their library. Do you dare?

When: Saturday, September 14th
Where: Oven Club Centro
Lineup: Francesco del Garda and more



7. Marco Carola and more @ Marina Beach

marco carola marina beach valencia tickets entradas electronica xceed septiembre

Marina Beach will once again release magic on this Friday night. The great guest this time will be Marco Carola, an icon of Neapolitan techno of the beginning of the century, founder of the prestigious tech-house party MusicOn and one of the highest standards of the tech scene in all its history. With him will be the local idol Edu Imbernon.

When: Friday, September 20th
Where: Marina Beach
Lineup: Marco Carola, Edu Imbernon and Pacha and Marina Beach Residents



6. Dennis Cruz and more @ ZIUR (Next Club)

dennis cruz ziur next club valencia tickets entradas xceed septiembre guia mejores fiestas

If a DJ has been growing at an accelerated pace in the tech-house scene in recent years, that’s definitely been Dennis Cruz. He’s one of the main faces of Solid Grooves and his sets at elrow are always among the most acclaimed. With him, ZIUR summons us to El Primer Baile after the summer break. We’re getting ready!

When: Friday, September 13th
Where: Next Club
Lineup: Dennis Cruz, Fran Hernandez, Friedrichz and Munde



5. Helena Hauff and more @ WAX (Spook)

helena hauff wax valencia spook tickets entradas xceed guia mejores fiestas septiembre

WAX puts an end to summer with more than 12 hours of techno, house and, yes, electro. Electro, in part, because the master of ceremonies will be the German Helena Hauff, one of the most acclaimed selectors of the European rave scene. Mixing digital and vinyl equally, this young Berlin-based performs constantly burning the best clubs and festivals on the planet. No one can escape the massacre of seeing Hauff live. The legendary Spook will be able to witness her amazing mixing skills.

When: Saturday, September 7th
Where: Spook
Lineup: Helena Hauff and more



4. Steve Lawler and more @ Next Club

steve lawler next club valencia tickets entradas xceed mejores fiestas septiembre

House. Hard and pure house. Steve Lawler is one of the greatest dominators of the genre worldwide. His sessions, often extended, manage to make anyone move & dance, even if (s)he’s not a fan of his style. He’s a resident DJ at Cream and one of the fittest DJs on the Ibizan scene in recent seasons. Next Club will arrive at the equator of September dancing until dawn with its happy and colourful proposal.

When: Saturday, September 14th
Where: Next Club
Lineup: Steve Lawler, Oliver, Frankie and Ropez



3. Loco Dice and more @ Palmeres Festival (Barraca)

loco dice palmeres festival barraca valencia tickets entradas xceed guia mejores fiestas septiembre

Born in Tunisia, soon moved to Düsseldorf, Germany, and with beginnings in hip hop music. That is the background in which Loco Dice became a star of tech music. He doesn’t need much more introduction. He’s been touring the world for years revolutionizing dancefloors and showing that groove can be found in multiple genres. He heads the line-up of the 17th Palmeres Festival, at Barraca, where also some regular DJs at the legendary club will also perform.

When: Saturday, September 14th
Where: Barraca
Lineup: Loco Dice, Djoko, Sleeparchive, Aaron Gehrig, Siles, Nacho Gil, Lucas Cabello, Sou Allen and Victor Polo



2. Día de Campo – Round VII @ theBasement (Secret Location)

dia de campo thebasement valencia tickets entradas mejores fiestas septiembre guia xceed

After the summer, theBasement crew returns with a 12-hour party in a secret location. The only thing we know is that it’s 25 minutes from Valencia, that it’s a wooded area and that it’ll have an indoor and an outdoor dancefloor. The line-up is also secret for now, but the exquisite curatorship of the musical selection of the event is more than guaranteed. Breaks, house, funk, techno, disco… You’ll have everything you need.

When: Saturday, September 14th
Where: Secret Location
Lineup: TBA



1. Dixon and more @ Fayer (Marina Beach)

dixon fayer edu imbernon marina beach valencia tickets entradas xceed mejores fiestas septiembre guia

Going out on a Sunday? Well, if you have the best DJ in the world in 2018 and one of the fittest in 2019 playing, maybe you should think twice, right? The German Dixon has been making the world fall in love with him all summer. His weekly residency at Pacha Ibiza and his stellar closing at the last Sónar Festival are the closest examples. His intimate, elegant and refined proposal, with a gloomy and very personal touch, make his selection one of the most demanded and desired in the underground scene. With him, Fayer will fly higher than ever. Dixon will be in charge of making Valencia dance at the best September party in town.

When: Sunday, September 8th
Where: Marina Beach
Lineup: Dixon, Edu Imbernon, Mike Gannu, Almost Human and Juanjo Tur


(Cover Image: © Frans van Heerden from Pexels)