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September 2019 in Madrid: the 10 best electronic music parties

Experts say that music is one of the best antidepressant methods. Why not combat post-holiday depression with music then? And if it’s electronic and dance music, so much better. Madrid is facing one of the best months in terms of electronic music so far this year. Fabrik with his new concept Natura Sunday, dates with After Brunch or the Ekho nights are some of the main highlights. Take out your calendar and start scoring. We’re off.


10. Headhunterz, Zatox and more @ 150 (Fabrik)

150 fabrik madrid headhunterz zatox tickets entradas xceed guia septiembre fiesta

Hard, hard, hard! We start the ranking strongly. 150 is Fabrik’s party focused on hardstyle and, for its September edition, it has the Dutch Headhunterz (usual in festivals like Tomorrowland or Defqon) and the Italian Zatox as headliners. The event will last more than 12 hours and Fabrik will open its 4 dance spaces. Can we ask for more?

When: Saturday, September 28th
Where: Fabrik
Lineup: Headhunterz, Zatox, Aftershock, Mandy, BILLX, Fant4stik, Malice, Malua, Radium, Crystal Mad, Daniele Mondello, Vicente One More Time, Rufo and Yeyo



9. Mark Knight, Max Chapman, Nick Curly and more @ Toolroom x Natura Sunday (Fabrik)

natura sunday toolroom records xceed tickets entradas madrid techno septiembre

If there wasn’t enough, Fabrik has been opening all summer on Sunday afternoons to extend the dance until the end of the weekend. The Natura Sunday party welcomes this time the legendary Toolroom label with three of its top exponents: Mark Knight, Max Chapman and Nick Curly. The groove, tech and minimal UK-house aroma is more than guaranteed.

When: Sunday, September 15th
Where: Fabrik
Lineup: Mark Knight, Max Chapman, Nick Curly, Cesar Almena, Nuke and Overman



8. Andhim and more @ After Brunch Open Air (Autocine Madrid RACE)

andhim after brunch autocine race madrid entradas tickets xceed septiembre

Dancing under the sun is always a tasteful dish. If the duo Andhim is in charge of the music, it’s difficult to offer something better. This duo of Germans has been established as referents of deep house for a decade. Their sound is warm and welcoming. Ideal for a Sunday afternoon in the Spanish capital.

When: Sunday, September 8th
Where: Autocine Madrid RACE
Lineup: Andhim, Torrione, Luchino and Maik Miroux



7. Davide Squillace, Marc Maya and more @ Ekho (La Riviera)

davide squillace marc maya ekho la riviera madrid tickets entradas september

Ekho’s family will be celebrating their anniversary in La Riviera with two of the most powerful proposals of the tech-house scene: the Italian Davide Squillace and the Barcelonian Marc Maya, resident of elrow for many years. If your thing is casual and colorful electronic music, you shouldn’t miss this one.

When: Friday, September 13th
Where: La Riviera
Lineup: Davide Squillace, Marc Maya, Cesar Almena and Nuke



6. Fisher and more @ Natura Sunday (Fabrik)

fisher natura sunday fabrik madrid tickets entradas september xceed

Another Sunday marked in red this month by the Natura Sunday is this one, in which Australian Fisher will take over. He has been the tech-house’s biggest media figure in the last two years, producing big hits including, above all, “Losing It”. His energetic performance and his musical selection (sometimes more forceful than one might expect) won’t disappoint a Fabrik audience which already counts the days to welcome him.

When: Sunday, September 8th
Where: Fabrik
Lineup: Fisher, Cesar Almena, Nuke and Overman



5. Josh Butler and more @ Jägermusic (Goya Social Club)

josh butler goya social club madrid jagermusic xceed tickets entradas septiembre

Everybody always talks about Jägermusic nights once these have already happened. Why miss one more? In this one, Goya Social Club will host Josh Butler, one of the UK-house classics. His releases on Hot Creations and SubSoul back him up and his experience in booths all over the world confirms a meteoric career showing his groove sound to the world.

When: Friday, September 13th
Where: Goya Social Club
Lineup: Josh Butler and Goya’s Residents



4. Marco Faraone, Luca Agnelli, Layton Giordani and more @ Drumcode x Ekho (La Riviera)

marco faraone layton giordani luca agnelli drumcode ekho la riviera madrid tickets entradas xceed septiembre

Another Ekho night we can’t overlook. On this occasion, it will be the big-room techno sound that will sound at La Riviera. Those responsible will be three of the highest standards of musical production on the Drumcode label: Marco Faraone, Luca Agnelli and Layton Giordani. It’s difficult to choose which of the three is in better shape. Go and find it out for yourself.

When: Friday, September 27th
Where: La Riviera
Lineup: Marco Faraone, Layton Giordani, Luca Agnelli, Cesar Almena and Nuke



3. Veronica Vasicka and more @ Stardust (Sala Cool)

veronica vasicka stardust sala cool madrid septiembre tickets entradas xceed

A night for diggers. Veronica Vasicka is the founder of Minimal Wave Records. Her music doesn’t sacrifice house, techno, funk or even industrial or EBM, but it’s always impregnated by a synth-pop, cold wave and post-punk air that gives the New York-born artist’s sessions a unique and original sound. With it, Stardust will give free rein to their imagination (once again) at Sala Cool.

When: Friday, September 6th
Where: Sala Cool
Lineup: Veronica Vasicka and Nöle



2. Guy Gerber and more @ After Brunch (Florida Retiro)

guy gerber after brunch madrid florida retiro entradas tickets xceed septiembre guia

At the end of the month, After Brunch will return to its usual space, Florida Retiro, to immerse the room in the shamanic and ethnic melodies of Guy Gerber, one of the most mysterious selectors and producers of contemporary electronica. His sets find in downtempo, deep techno and melodic house their comfort zone. His proposal is ideal to close the weekend with the best possible vibes.

When: Sunday, September 22nd
Where: Florida Retiro
Lineup: Guy Gerber, Torrione, Luchino and Maik Miroux



1. Rebekah, Headless Horseman and more @ Ekho (La Riviera)

rebekah headless horseman ekho la riviera madrid tickets entradas xceed september

The best night of the month is for Ekho, again at La Riviera. Tech-house with Davide Squillace and Marc Maya, big-room techno with Drumcode… and all that was missing was the acid and rave techno touch with two of the most interesting names of the moment. On one side, the British artist Rebekah, with almost 30 years of experience in European rave culture. On the other side, the mysterious Headless Horseman, with his particular vision of vintage acid techno. A night to destroy your shoes. It’s the best party of the month in Madrid.

When: Friday, September 20th
Where: La Riviera
Lineup: Rebekah, Headless Horseman, Cesar Almena and Nuke


(Cover Image: © Erica Zhao from Pexels)

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