studio club malaga 2024 season lasers and crowd xceed tickets

Studio Club sparkles with top-tier acts in February and March

Southern Spain will welcome some of the prominent names in the scene with the stellar programming of the Málaga club

The Costa del Sol has historically been the land of drum and bass, breakbeat, and their derivatives, but the rise of techno is also present, probably more than ever, with proposals like those of Studio Club Malaga. Since its birth last year, the Torremolinos venue has become a major electronic reference point in the south of Spain and enhances with a global-level programming in the coming months.

As a starting shot, the venue bets for the experience of the English Ben Sims. The absolute master of hard groove will visit Studio next February 23 with a fine selection of tracks that will give way to Mëstiza on February 24. The creators of Sacro have grown like wildfire in recent months, even more so in the land of flamenco, a genre deeply rooted in their essence along with the most melodic sounds of electronic music. The emotional musical line continues with Mathame on February 28, undisputed icons of labels as renowned as Afterlife and experts in creating soundscapes in each of their sets.

March will start with another legend on the decks, this time from Denmark. Kölsch will bring to Málaga the ideal mix between techno and melodic that has put his label Kompakt at the forefront of the international scene. March 9 is the turn of the Cocoa crew, the promoter and record label of Art No Logia that will turn Studio upside down with fresh tech house.

The darkness, power and speed of hard techno will also conquer southern Spain on March 16 and 27. The ones in charge of dominating the dancefloor and leading the crowd to maximum euphoria will be two acclaimed queens of the genre such as Paula Temple and Fatima Hajji.

The music & art club par excellence of Andalusia is about to host the top of the national and international scene. What’s your excuse for not joining the crazy nights of Studio Club Malaga?

February 23rd | Ben Sims | Tickets
February 24th | Mëstiza | Tickets
February 28th | Mathame| Tickets
March 2nd | Kölsch | Tickets
March 9th | Cocoa w/ Guti, Luuk Van Dijk, Italobros & more | Tickets
March 16th | Paula Temple | Tickets
March 27th | Fatima Hajji | Tickets

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