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A mix that documents the harshest techno sound of Berlin

It is curious that in Berlin there has been a period when it was not possible to listen to live Techno music. Back to the summer of 1992, the historic Tresor‘s basement was temporally closed and there were no places where you could have your ears bleed with high-bpm violent  kick drums.
It seems absurd, considering that this city was, and still is, the mecca, the home of the rawest and purest techno music. Nevertheless, it did not take too long before someone noticed this serious lack and decided to remedy to this problem.

Wolle XDP, in fact, began throwing some really hardcore parties in a place that over the subsequent five years—until its closure in 1997—would gain the reputation of the “hardest club on earth”, The Bunker.
A club, where, bpm lower than 130 were not contemplated, where the melodies were reduced to simple crisp sounds and where the public was made up of people craving for making their hearts bursting with very violent rhythms.
This was what Wolle XDP and The Bunker were offering to the Berlin clubbers and we have the possibility to gain an idea of ​​the music and the atmosphere that was hidden inside this club thanks to the following mix. A musical selection digitized in such a way to make you understand what was the harshest sound of Berlin during the beginning of Raves era.

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