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April 2019 in Madrid: the 8 best electronic music parties

It’s been a while since we had so many interesting events in a single month in Madrid. Electronic music continues to grow in the Spanish capital and recover glimpses of those golden days of the genre at the end of the last century. Madrid has always enjoyed a very lively underground scene and, after a few years of slight downturn, it can finally boast of having removed the nostalgia. Xceed, of course, walks together with the city to bring all these musical events to you. It’s the time to pick your favs!


8. Roots pres. Shaun Reeves and more @ Goya Social Club

shaun reeves roots goya tickets xceed

Legendary producer Shaun Reeves is one of the co-founders of the cult label Visionquest. His productions marked a time in the deep house music of all Europe and this will be his first visit to Goya, a club which is hungry for hi-quality electronic sounds.

When: Saturday, April 13th
Where: Goya Social Club
Lineup: Shaun Reeves, Enzo Leep (live) and Hons



7. Vibes & Swing pres. The Deals b2b Ferch and more @ Goya Social Club

swing vibes goya madrid tickets xceed

Goya is hungry for electronic music; it really is. That’s why we’re saying that. That’s why Vibes has invited the Swing team (a promoter that organizes a monthly party in Barcelona’s INPUT Club) to offer two b2b’s with their resident DJs. A night of house, tech-house, groove and a fresh & colourful sound is ahead!

When: Thursday, April 11th
Where: Goya Social Club
Lineup: The Deals b2b Ferch and Lose Endz b2b Pau Guilera



6. DVST pres. Svreca @ Stella

svreca stella madrid tickets xceed

We all know that resident nights are some of the best nights at Stella. Especially if there’s Svreca in the line-up. He’s the main representative of Semantica Records and one of the greatest connoisseurs of Stella’s audience’s tastes.

When: Friday, April 19th
Where: Stella
Lineup: Svreca and J. Gonzalbo



5. Natura Indoor Edition pres. Jamie Jones, Tiga and more @ Fabrik

natura indoor edition fabrik madrid jamie jones tiga tickets xceed

Those who vibrate most with the fresh sounds of the tech-house will fill the immense Fabrik in Humanes de Madrid on this date to enjoy a cast of top artists. Jamie Jones (head of Hot Creations and one of the most demanded DJs in the world), Tiga (Canadian who has known how to turn the groove of his music upside down to give it vocals and funk pieces that give it an unmistakable personal touch), Guti (his live is one of the best ones that can be seen in house music) and Cassy (one of the veterans of the genre) are the 4 high-demand names that make up this Natura line-up.

When: Saturday, April 13th
Where: Fabrik Madrid
Lineup: Jamie Jones, Tiga, Guti (live), Cassy, David Berrie, Overman, Nuke and Cesar Almena



4. Roots pres. Nicolas Lutz @ Goya Social Club

nicolas lutz roots goya madrid tickets xceed

Nicolas Lutz is said to have travelled from Jupiter to Berlin to spread his peculiar musical taste throughout the world. The Uruguayan selector collected rarities from an early age to make them sound among friends but found that many around him didn’t understand his musical tastes. Like so many others, Lutz found his home in Berlin. There, everyone danced to his music. There, he found many more records that captivated him. Nicolas Lutz is one of the most coveted selectors by alternative festivals. His experimentalism when it comes to mixing has turned him into a real pandora’s box that, session after session, continues to make his fans fall in love more and more. And, yes, in April he will be in Goya to steal (once again) the heart of Madrid.

When: Saturday, April 20th
Where: Goya Social Club
Lineup: Nicolas Lutz, Alvaro Medina and Luks & Abdulla



3. DVST pres. Psyk (hybrid set + album release) @ Stella

psyk hybrid tickets xceed stella

Big night for the DVST family. “A Moment Before” is the second LP Psyk has brought to the world, the first after that release on Mote-Evolver, Luke Slater’s label, called “Time Foundation”. In “A Moment Before”, Psyk releases 9 tracks produced with minimalist techniques and reduced forms of techno, a fact that caught the attention of Tresor Records. For the occasion, Psyk will offer a hybrid set to perform the sounds of the album live. Night for real techno music lovers.

When: Friday, April 26th
Where: Stella
Lineup: Psyk and Nöle



2. After Brunch pres. Super Flu and more @ Florida Retiro

after brunch florida retiro super flu tickets xceed

The electronic orchestration of the duo Super Flu, formed by Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz, has led them to become major references in the deep house scene in Berlin and, therefore, in Europe. Their refined, restful and friendly proposal is ideal to accompany a Sunday afternoon in the Retiro Park. Do you join us?

When: Sunday, April 7th
Where: Florida Retiro
Lineup: Super Flu, Torrione and Luchino



1. ANTS pres. Andrea Oliva, Patrick Topping, tINI, Maya Jane Coles and more @ Fabrik

ants fabrik madrid andrea oliva tickets xceed

The colony arrives in the capital. The ANTS party, led by its creator Andrea Oliva, arrives at the most massive club in Madrid to offer a long Tuesday holiday eve. From 9 pm until 6 am, a line-up with more than 10 headliners will be in charge of turning the electronic mansion upside down. The sensation of Ibiza Chelina Manuhutu, Hot Creations star Patrick Topping, the great Detroit heir Steve Lawler, the German tINI and its sound from the East, the British Richy Ahmed, Solardo’s boys or the infallible Chilean selector Francisco Allendes, are just a few examples. This is the last day of April and is undoubtedly the best of all.

When: Tuesday, April 30th
Where: Fabrik
Lineup: Andrea Oliva, Chelina Manuhutu, Detlef, Francisco Allendes, Heidi, Maya Jane Coles, Patrick Topping, Ricky Ahmed, Solardo, Steve Lawler, tINI, Under and Yousef


(Cover Image: © Juanma Alvarado)



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