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There are places with a soul of their own, where you can tell decisions are made with purpose. But it's quite rare to find them, and even less so in a city as sweeping as London. Located in the Wapping district, E1 has been the crowning jewel of nightlife in the English city since 2017, with an earned reputation as the ultimate haven for nightlife lovers and potential second home for those who step foot inside. With two distinct booths, the London nightclub (formerly a photography studio) has welcomed and still welcomes the finest global acts, making it an essential stop for any devoted to electronic music. But it does not only target the big players, as it has the vision to identify the very best of the emerging. The room has a capacity of 1,600 people divided between Warehouse, the main space with bare concrete walls and large pillars, and Black Studio, for the intimate vibes. Although mainly focused on delivering hard techno and electro, at E1 you can find melodic, drum and bass and even hip-hop nights. Always with extended opening hours and a programme full of renowned DJs, capable of rivaling the most prominent clubs in the capital. Within its warehouse vibes, you’ll encounter the very essence of the music we love: open-mindedness, diversity, passion and unwavering commitment. But don't let yourself be carried away by the energy alone, because its Custom Funktion-One sound and State-of-the-art AV/Production will make you end up with your feet hurting from dancing. Stop the nonsense and come experience the pure nightlife in London at E1. Stay ahead of the game with the upcoming events, tickets & news from E1 London on Xceed.

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110 Pennington Street, Unit 2 E1W2BB, London, United Kingdom


110 Pennington Street, Unit 2 E1W2BB