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Highlights, tips & info to live authentic going out experiences in Johannesburg

What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Johannesburg?

Going out in Johannesburg is quite similar to Cape Town. People will go out for dinner and drinks at around 8pm, weather they go to bars and clubs to party the night away. Festivals such as We Love Summer, Lighthouse Festival and Ultra also host an audition in Johannesburg every year. The best nights to go out are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are also other fun things to do in Johannesburg that are popular amongst locals and internationals such as going to rugby matches. Johannesburg is more of a business and work city, this is where it all happens in South Africa for people who want to boost their careers.

Which are Johannesburg’s best neighborhoods to go out?

The best places to go out in Johannesburg and some of the popular Johannesburg restaurant areas include Sandton, Melville, and Braamfontein, each offering a unique atmosphere and dining experience. Sandton is more upscale, this is the area where business people go out and you’ll see more internationals in Sandton. Rosebank is known for trendy bars and clubs and is a great place to go out and dance with friends IIIlovo - This area is known for its local pubs and hangout spots, and it is a popular destination for people to unwind after work. Head there to enjoy a drink or try out some of the best local cuisine in Johannesburg. Fourways is a neighborhood that caters to students and locals, known for its laid-back vibe and has plenty of bars and entertainment options. However, like any big city, there are also areas to avoid in Johannesburg due to safety concerns. It's important to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night, in areas such as Hillbrow and Berea.

How expensive is it to go out in Johannesburg?

Just like in the rest of South Africa, going out in Johannesburg is not very expensive, especially if you are visiting from Europe or other Western countries. You can buy several drinks even on a budget and if you want to go all out, count on spending about two-thirds of what you would spend back at home.

What's the dress code in Johannesburg?

If you head to Sandton dress up nicely, Rosebank and Illovo you can dress smart casual. The same goes for Braamfontein, dressing casually will do. Upscale restaurants and most clubs won’t let you in if you are wearing boardshorts and flipflops but that is no different than most of the world ;) The climate is similar to Cape Town where it's warm in summer and it can get pretty cold in winter.