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We created this restaurant 7 years ago with a simple idea, put a little love on each of our dishes. Guida, the alchemist who leads a harmonious ballet with her kitchen instruments, succeeds every day in enchanting her dishes with a single ambition, to make us happier. The recipe is simple, the gesture is sure and the result overwhelming, it bring us back to our childhood joys, when the meal was a party, orchestrated by a maternal know-how bringing together the whole family far from the tumults. Guida succeeded in reinventing Portuguese gastronomy by taking us by the hand to meet the soul of this country, this eternal benevolence, which has the elegance to surprise us every time. Guida is our sister, our aunt, our mother, generous and attentive, to make a meal an amazing moment of exchange and greed.

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Travessa do Carvalho 33, Lisbonne, Portugal

Restaurant Latitude 3843

Travessa do Carvalho 33