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As one of Munich’s finest exports tINI has been carving out her own musical path already from a very early age and is now regarded as a key figure in the world of underground house and techno music. She started her DJ career hosting her own tINI All Night Long events in Munich but it wasn’t long before she was touring all across the globe as a support DJ for major underground artists. Soon after, she began crisscrossing the planet as an artist in her own right, something she has been doing ever since. Her tINI and the gang events and brand have earned her a glittering reputation as a widely-respected artist and promoter with a good heart, extensive vinyl collection, exemplary DJ skills and a killer discography. She runs her own label Part of the Gang records in 2018, which kicked off with an EP by herself and will drop a second release by Bodeler. In 2020 she will celebrate 10 years of tINI and the gang, a platform that has supported upcoming artists and talents since its launch. Comfortable playing on a big festival stage as well as in an intimate club or dance floor, tINI brings years of experience and musical knowledge to every gig, blending a wide range and variety of electronic music styles from old school house and techno to stripped down deeper sounds with her own unique mixing style – all wrapped up in her own unique musical DNA.