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soundin' sweet; introducing NO SUGAR July 17, 2015 FuturePicks Kristian Marr - New band, No Sugar. New EP, 'Hard Up' and two movies! London trio, No Sugar, have created a monster of a sound with their 'Hard Up' EP, which seamlessly fuses 20th and 21st century rock, effortlessly. Currently playing shows across Europe, they have an album up their sleeves for later in the year. The band formed from a dream that drummer, George had, and are fronted by Kristian Marr - the man with the blues rock soul. He has worked hard to get to this exciting beginning. He played with glam metal punks, Towers Of London, supporting the likes of Guns N Roses and New York Dolls which gained attention. Amy Winehouse was one of the first household names to recognise Marr's talents and encouraged him to pursue a solo career. Aware of industry expectations, she provided a much-desired mentor to the budding musician. Investing in him to record his first album with Spring Heeled Jack, a project armed with an enviable rock'n'roll repertoire and Kristian on vocals as well as lead guitar. From 2010 Kristian has created well attended Blues nights in London, pulling great crowds. His house band included slide guitarist, Bob Weston of Fleetwood Mac and drummer, Jon Moss of Culture Club. Since 2012 Kristian has also been guitarist with the band, Proud Mary. Noel Gallagher contributed to the band and signed them as the first act on his Sour Mash roster. They've toured the festival circuit and toured with the likes of Ryan Adams and Neil Young. In addition to his musical activism in Britain, Marr has The French connection, joining his friend Pete Doherty for gigs in Paris and featured in the film 'Confession Of A Child Of The Century' alongside him. Kristian spent six weeks living in Paris in November 2014 to play the lead role in new feature film, Malgret La Nuit, directed by the reknown Phillippe Grandrieux and due for release this year as is 'Set The Thames On Fire' (with Noel Fielding and Sadie Frost). Kristian is also recognisable from uber-chic The Kooples boutique ads, and is about to hit the big screens, big time, but at the heart of everything is a rock n roll life, gigging, writing and recording. Special guest slots with The Libertines last year and, recently, with The Kooks and gracing Camden Rocks Festival. Definitely a face of creative Britain, but especially an accomplished musician getting set, with No Sugar, to smash the globe with some seriously hard rocking and good times. No Sugar are Tom S.Williams (Bass), George Rat (Drums) and Kristian Marr (Vocals and Guitar) photographed by d.b.foto on stage (below) in Milan, 2015. Hear the 'Hard Up' EP at and catch their next gig news via their Facebook page.