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22/23/24 ANCIENT LIGHT FEST /spain 18/19/20 /08 Pirate chronicle festival /slovenia 14/15 /08/2017 yatraa/ france 18th ----23th/07/17 WAO festival / Italie 14/15 /17 come on festival Nimes 07th--10/07 /17 blast off festival worldpeople / cancelled! 20/05/2017 visionarium concept/gala night Ibiza /Spain 29/04/17 wao teaser france / Nimes / Fr 13th--17/04/17 Own spirit festival / Spain 01/04/2017 fish &bass Nimes 04/03/217 pirate invasion vs world people 11/02/17 Shroom family edition 14/01/17 Psymind /doc des sud /Marseille /FR 31/01/17:SHROOM DE L'aN / Nimes /FR 15/12/2106/ Tripyboat/Batofar /Paris /FR Native of Montpellier / South of France. He's one of those French talents for who music more than a passion ,is a real life style. Steff caught the electronic and djing bug with Trance music in the early 90s, switching after few years to a solid 15 years career on the international underground house and techno scene. His own style and music have been developed in the course of different encounters playing major partys and festivals on 4 continents (Singapore, Chile, Tunisia, Dubai, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Ibiza, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Noumea, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Thailand, and the list goes on). After years Living in New Caledonia and Ibiza, he returned to France, spending days in studio with the Uncle sound crew. This led to house and deep techno released and remixes on Brazilian and uk ‘s labels like Mercado Parallelo Record Kandy Music, Etoka Record or Clean House… Fully Back on the trance scene in 2011. He Founds the well none 'SHROOM crew producing the not-to-be-missed Trance event " SHROOMS nights and festivals " in South of France. He's also the architect behind the line up for the Quartz Festival, xanadu , Shroom de l'an, Boemians fest , Indians summer fest ,and more…Introducing in south france talented artistes from the Techno and trance scene like: Lish, Fagin reject ,Maitika ,Atacama, NU, Matthew Dekay. Allaby , Talpa , Starlab , Mindwave , Helbert gun ,Ra Root ,Microsphere , Dust ,Djane Renegade , Midle Mode , Sharas, Skyhight Pirates , zzbing , Control,Z ,Lunatica, Lupin, Djantrix, Sonic entity , Atrihom, Imaginarium , ninesense and more ... Back in studio in 2014 as SUNRISER his down tempo project. With a first fine deep progressive tune “one light” released on Hadra Records In July 2014. Behind the desks Steff is a “morning act lover”, Playing powerful Music groovy as hell and always adapting his music to the crowd using different sounds from acidified Deep Techno to psychedelic trance .A rare blend of cutback grooves and hypnotic leads, all backed up with solid basslines. Main festival played: Singapore: Sentosa island open-air festival 2003 Malaysia: Space Ibiza world tour /2002/2003 Tantra festival 2014 /2015 /2016 Hadra Trance Festival 2014 Blast off festival /World people prod 2016 /2017 Egregora festival 2016 Quartz open-air festival /2012 principal Clubs & festival worldwide played :! ibiza :Space (Space world tour resident2002/2003),Pacha ibiza ,El Divino ibiza ,Angel and Cell ibiza & many white & pricate partys all over ibiza....// Switzerland Zurich Club Q // Germany Stuttgart Club M1// Belgium Anvers Teckno festival// Italia Torino Angel love // Brazil Sao polo Anzu club// Argentina Buenos Aires The Mint Club// Singapore liquid room & Sentosa island Beach party festival// Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Oxygen club// New Caledomia Noumea pick me up,/ teckno parade, // Tahiti PaPeete / Bora Bora / Awaiki nui party // Tunisia La luna-// Dubai .// Tailhand Kho phan gan //local club& festival (montpellier south france) Nitro ,Pulp,Jardin du pulp,Bar live ,Villa rouge ,Antirouille ,Rockstore .. sintosa island open air festival , Tantra festival 1 & 2 , Hadra trance festival 2014 , blast off 2016,2017 , egregora fest 2016 ,Quartz open air festival , XANADU 1/2., own spirit festival 2017,WAO2017 ...

Steff Navarro