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Saverio Celestri

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Berlin based Italian DJ and Producer who started to compose electronic music at the very young age of 16. In 2009 he began the journey of releasing vinyl, in 2014 came out with his first solo EP, since then he appeared in several Various Artists compilations including great collaborations with labels like Slow Life, Imprints Records, Libertine Records and released alongside producers like Onur Ozer and S.Moreira. The year 2016 was his most prolific yet, among appearances on VA's Saverio released his first solo album Reality is not Reality which is the number 7 in the series of great releases by the Slow Life crew. His deep and insightful knowledge about electronic music, has lead Saverio to developing a unique and indistinguishable sound. His motivation and willingness to continually develop his music compositions, and his selection keeps this young talents DJ sets and productions extremely fresh and experimental. for bookings and other requests, please contact -b

Saverio Celestri