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Born in Uppsala (Sweden) and now residing in Barcelona Jokko has quickly built a fearsome reputation for her deep, driving and innovative sets. Mixing passion with expertise and ability Jokko infuses her skills together to deliver a flawless fusion of soundscapes that never fail to move the dancefloor. Bookings: At the age of 18 Jokko began mixing Electronic music in and around the clubs of Uppsala and Malmoe in Sweden, with her partner in crime at the time, Elina. Shortly after she changed her base in Sweden for Barcelona’s intriguing and powerful scene. Armed with a fresh direction and a focus she began to conquer the clubs of Barcelona. An obvious continuation for Jokko’s passion for music was to start learning and experimenting with production, which keeps on being an important part of her musical dreams and goals. At the time of getting into production Jokko also came to know Benvinda. After getting to know each other the coming was obvious. With same tastes and goals they started collaborating as well production wise as Dj:ing back to back. Jokko has played in various international clubs including Sala Razzmatazz(Bcn), Sala Apolo(Bcn), L’Atlantida (Bcn), Sala Be cool(Bcn), Fellini/ BLVD (Bcn), Sala KGB(Bcn), The Apartment (Bcn), Sala Marc Aldany (Mad), Fabrik/GOA(Mad), Babel (Malmö,SWE), Katra Lounge (NY), Rex Bowling (PT), Massas Club (PT), Duna Beach (PT). Jokko always gives a unique experience with her mesmerizing and powerful sets, performed with true passion and devotion.