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GUIAMM, also known as Guillemotik, also known as G-Motik borned in Valencia on 1983, starts soon his way into the music. He Studies music and flute in Valencia. Later, he realizes sound technician studies to devote himself professionally to sound. He early starts to be interested in electronic music. He debuts as dj when he was 16 years old. It was on 1999. In that period his style was Acid Techno. In this year, he starts to be a part of LIO, an underground techno collective, cooperating to increase the Valencia underground techno scene. Influenced by London techno sound, he early wons a space on Valencia Clubs line up's, just as Free parties. His style evolves to hard techno. In 2003 starts to be a part of Komakino Collective and Dj agency. He also starts his way around music production, without stopping, until to find his own style. In 2006 starts with dj Txuky the Painkiller project. Nowadays Painkiller has 4 releases on shops, and many more digital releases. Guillemotik has played in many Clubs around Europe. He has shared line up with famous international artists like Dj Rush, Pet Duo, Dj Murphy, Alex Calver, Chris Liberator, Dave the drummer, Erik Sneo, Oscar Mulero, Horacio Cruz Torsten kanzler, Tobias Lüke aka O.B.I., , He has released tracks in vinyl labels like Painkiller or White Tunes, and digital labels like Painkiller digital, Elementz Records, Omega Record, Digital Mayhem, Astral Kickz . In 2014 founds E.P.M. (Electronic Punk Music) a new Techno label with his partner and friend: Dj Txuki, exclusive in Nowadays, he stands out for his technique with the decks and music selection. Energy tracks, mental melodies, dark synths and clean sound is the Leit motiv of GUIAMM. In 2016 he moved to Berlín, where is living now, starting new projects, with a new sound coming. Life is evolution and Music is the solution...