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DJ DRIULE a.k.a KOLE inspired by the vitality of the nightlife and his passion for music , quickly immersed himself into the house scene of his adoptive city Vilnius. He has a bachelors degree in Arts & Cultural Management. His talent has rocketed him from small local venue to the biggest clubbing scenes in the Lithuania and Europe, his name becoming a trademark for an impressive, memorable and every time different event, becouse DRIULE XL is very adaptive DJ. He played in all the biggest & prominent clubs and events of Lithuania. Experimenting with music and sounds settled that DRIULE XL style is a real cure for electronic music gourmand with a guarantee for sexually charged tuneful house, spiced up with techy or progressive sound. He has the ability to mix tracks of different styles so that they sound like a single piece. DRIULE XL belongs to generation of Lithuanian dj's and brings freshness in LT club culture. He likes to play melodically, full of energy house & bring to the people a very POSITIVE FEELINGS. His interest of giving his own innovative style to house music has enabled him to play with many big name dj's in Saint-Tropez and Bora Bora beach.

Driule XL