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DJ Yin, EDM Producer and Music Director His journey into all things melodic started back in the early nineties, where in he discovered joy in the art form of music. Before he found himself behind the decks for which he is best known for, DJ Yin was heavily involved with various roles – all music related – and it was during this stage where he honed an intense musical passion, whether it be from developing his Rock and Metal band to sound engineering in early HK Jazz clubs. Though sound engineering came his segue into becoming a DJ. With his innate musical ability, he quickly found himself paying his dues at almost every club in Hong Kong playing a variety of genres, and gathered a substantial Fan base leading him towards local recognition and respect as one of Hong Kong’s premier home-grown DJs. In 2002, DJ Yin expanded his resume even further by becoming the unanimous winner of the Hong Kong Hieneken Thirst DJ Competition. This victory would open up new opportunities; the most noteworthy are his roles as annual judge for Pioneer’s DJ Quest, becoming the Music Director for HK’s famous Billion and Beijing Club, and finally, becoming the first Chinese to be an Official DJ for AV8 Records. Since then DJ Yin’s career has be consistently rising. When he isn’t directing the clubs or playing international sets with world famous Djs, he finds himself producing tracks for local rappers, making mixtapes for his fans, and creating mash-ups for his DJ comrades. From this constant creation he is now recognized as one of the most prolific producers in Hong Kong. Official Titles: 2002 Music Director of Queen’s Club 2004 Music Director of Hei Hei Club 2005 Music Director of Ha Ha Club 2006 Music Director of Club No.9 2006 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2007 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2007 Music Director of Beijing Club 2008 Music Director Of Billion Club 2008 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2009 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2009 Hong Kong Jockey Club Wednesday night resident dj @ Beer Gardeen 2010 Hong Kong Jockey Club Wednesday night resident dj @ Beer Gardeen 2010 AV8 Records Official Artist 2010 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2011 Judge for Pioneer DJ Quest 2011 Crooklyn Clan’s Crack4djs Official Artist 2011 Reloopdj official Artist 2011 Music Director of Magnum Club Awards: 2002 Hong Kong Heineken Found@Thrist DJ Competition Champion 2004 Malaysia Heineken Found@Thirst DJ Competition Final Winner 2012 Winner of DJ International Remix Contest (Worldwide) Discography: 2005 Love Da Records Presents Hong Kong Electric CD (School Sucker , Oasis) 2006 Love Da Records & Club No.9 Presents HIp Hop You Don’t Stop CD 2008 Hong Kong Movie (Happy Funeral) Main Song:Living And Die, 家屬謝禮 2009 McCafe 10th Anniversary CD “what about your coffee music” Could It Be 2011 Rampage Ft. MC G-ZO – Make Some Noize (DJ Yin Remix) 2011 Inusa Dawuda ft Gold Mountain – Walking On Sunshine (DJ Yin Remix) 2011 Miami Inc. ft. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (DJ Yin Remix) ( 2011 Miami Inc. ft. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (DJ Yin Remix) ( 2012 DJ Yin ft. DJ LBR, Amaze, Rampage, GNO – Let’s Have Some Fun Part 2 2012 DJ Yin ft Gold Mountain, MC Stik-E, Big Nab – For The DJs (Beatport) 2012 DJ Yin Ft. MC Stik-E, Freedom Williams & Platinum K - Dance Now (Whitelabel) 2012 Wooh Yeah – EO2 (DJ Yin Compose, Music Arrangement and Produce) 2012 四年一會 – Eddie@EO2, 狄易達, 蔚雨芯, Yanki, MC Stik-E (DJ Yin Compose, Music Arrangement and Produce) DJ Yin’s music avaliable on worldwide music store: Beatport itune amazon AV8 Records Crack4djs Extreme Remixes The Remix Club Drama Mix Clubbangza The Breakfreakz Rarecrates 有13年DJ資力的DJ Yin從小就喜歡搖滾樂,自組樂隊任結他手及結他導師,演出無數經驗豐富.其後自學研究打碟轉形為全職DJ獲獎無數是2002年首屆全球Heineken喜力DJ大賽香港區總冠軍及2004年馬來西亞區小組冠軍.多年來不斷穿梭世界各地為名店名品牌作表演嘉賓.現職香港多間名夜店俱樂部(Beijing Club, Billion Club, Magnum Club, Club No.9)的音樂總監.2005年製作Love Da Record出品的”香港電氣”大碟.2006年製作由ClubNo.9與Love Da Record出品的”Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Vol.3″ 串燒雜感碟.由2006年至今擔任Pioneer先鋒DJ Quest大賽指定評判.2008年為電影”六樓後坐2″創作主題曲,2009年被麥當奴餐廳邀請為McCafe製作10週年CD.由2009年開始與陳奕迅,Juno,Joey Tang,包以正及周秀娜一起擔任Beat by Dr.Dre耳機代言人. 便在2010年正式加盟美國唱片公司AV8Records,成為AV8Records official Artist. 作品多次登上榜首也成為多個月份唱片銷售最高的Artist. 2011年加盟美國唱片公司Crack4djs, 成為Crack4djs official Artist. 作品登上月份唱片銷售前十名的Artist. 2012年6月在全球混音大賽DJ International Remix Contest 擊敗世界級對手成為第一位香港人成為唯一優勝者,作品在全球iTunes , Interscope Digital Distribution, white label 發行. 2012年登上Reverbnation香港DJ排行榜第一位. 便開始與香港本地流行歌手合作作曲,編曲和監製.包括有EO2,JJ賈曉晨, 狄易達, 蔚雨芯, Yanki…

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