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viton mavropoulos a/k/a dj viton dj,remixer,producer,compiler,promoter,event manager,club owner. * dj bio: first pro appearance @ energy dance festival 00:00-1:30 - oakenfold stage 5:30 - 7:00 - deep dish stage - 4000 people attendancy dj apperances @ +soda,umatic,venue,motel,cavo paradiso,bedroom,mercedes-glyfada,fetisch,cabaret,dybbuk/plus x,mamacas,drazel,animal,barak and more.... career highlight: headlined in the athens 2004 olympics' coca cola/village fm party in attendance of 3500 people. for over 10 years viton delivers house beats that definetly will move a crowd ! * compiler - 5 years a/r + promotion manager at the leading indie dance label in greece - planetworks - progressive 1-3 cd series that sold over 6500 copies in greece - playground cd - pro-file 1-2 cd series - cj jeff / mikele - local underground 1-2 cds - introducing greek producers such as: christian cambas,stel,nicola gala,kosmas epsilon,vsag,phatjak,jose zamora,dusk,and so many more. Compilations: progressive-visions of sound progressive 2-unmixed emotions progressive 3-plugged in local underground-various local underground 2-various playground-new rules,same game L.U. releases: profile 1:mikele profile 2:cj jeff vsag-fantasy era-full length lp * remixer/producer Releases: viton+stel-wooden swordz(audiotherapy) viton+stel-nightmare(local underground) nikola gala - lies(viton+stel remix)(local underground) viton+kst - yes,i see (audiotherapy) viton+kst - cry for love(local underground) james holden-come to me (viton+kst+kosmas epsilon mix)(skint/loaded) viton+kosmas epsilon - there can be only one (babylon) viton+nekk - another love song (unsigned) radiohead - street spirit (dj viton remix) (bootleg) viton - endless cruise (unsigned) * promoter - leader of the underground chic + playground promotion teams organized the legendary sunday afternoon summer parties @ reina , dekko , candy bar , w - this is not miami - the boat party ! the first ever party in athens on a crusing 600pax capacity unmatched experience in the argosaronikos sea. - touch the sky w/ fellow djs cj jeff,dimpap,no rabbitz delivers the best parties @ 5 star venues with the best,sexiest and elegant dance crowd in athens. - viton has booked almost all the huge names in the dance industry on his parties and introduced all the new and upcoming ones in the dance scene in athens. james holden,terry francis,jojo flores,quentin harris,dave seaman,timmy regisford,chelonis r jones,petter(*),jay haze(*),pan pot(*),gaizer(*),ripperton(*),tiger stripes(*),onur ozer(*),fairmont(*),alex smoke(*),popnebo,martin landsky(*),ben mono(*),noze(*),gabriel ananda(*),sleeparchive(*) and more.... (*)-first time in athens ever ! *club owner - fetisch - the last real underground club! fetisch left a name for introducing the newest tech house/techno names in the athenian crowd in a dark kinky environment.its trademark was tha red light district type of dance stage that hosted the best and hotest female dancers in athens ! fetisch also hosted the legendary metal thursdays parties with live strip show and music from dear darkstar/septic flesh guitarist dj set that left everyone breathless ! - cabaret - the underground chic the hotspot in the heart of athens in kolonaki square. deep underground vibe,red kinky colors,with the most beautiful crowd in athens! hosted only the best greek djs.cj jeff + viton,adrianos papadeas,dj dino,dimpap,angelo,junior rush,akylla,agent greg,george siras and more.... be continued !

Dj Viton