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WITH GIGS IN THE HOTTEST CLUBS IN OVER 15 COUNTRIES. Dj Papis was born in Bamako, Mali in 1984.  After moving to Spain at the age of 18 years old he became interested in the musical genres hip hop, rnb, funk, soul. He has devoted  years of his life and has put his all into the art of DJing. His greatest influence was DJ Jazzy Jeff, he has always admired his style.  His beginnings were hard, and his motivation to be a DJ helped him overcome any obstacles that he faced along the way.  He constantly worked hard in order to buy his first courses. He had a goal in mind and would stop at nothing to achieve it. In 2004, he started playing professionally in nightclubs such as zoo club and otto after his first experiences as a professional DJ, his career expanded to various national and international clubs. National clubs in Barcelona: otto Zutz, Opium mar, Shoko, Jamboree, Catwalk, Boulevard, Broadbar, suite191, SALA BIKINI Tunell  calella  tropics & londoner in Lloret de MAR costa brava NACIONAL GIGS VALENCIA - RUMBO CLUB TARRAGONA MUUM CLUB & SUMMER DISCOTECH ALICANTE MOLL BLANC MADRID SHOKO MADRID  international: Poland: platinium, capitol & harend FRANCE:. Network Café L iro club kiss club cannes luxemburg: culture club Germany: frankurk. Musikpark A6, Koblenz: Agostea Austria: club couture Slovakia. the club basel : fame club Resident in clubs in SPAIN : SHOKO BARCELONA . TUESDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MAGIC PRIVE LLORET DE MAR THURSDAY

Dj Papis