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Inquiries: Bio: As a young San Diego native, Ryan was attracted to any and all types of sound. From listening to his first rock n roll track, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne, to ditching school to get the Dr. Dre. 2001 album, music has always been an integral part of his life. It didn’t take long for Ryan to set out and explore the possibilities of making his own sounds, which brought along his first drum set. There was always a passion for the groove, so for the next few years Ryan set forth on mastering the craft of pissing off all the neighbors. Fast forward to the age of 18, Ryan graduated from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. The ambition to enlist came from a desire to do something different. To go against the grain and set an example that you can create whatever path you want. And Ryan did just that… soon after being assigned to an infantry unit he discovered electronic music. It quickly became a safe haven from all the discipline and structure. A form of expression within a life of uniformity. Known for his outrageous house parties, it was here Ryan first felt the power of a DJ. It was here his spirit was grabbed. Next came his mastery of beat matching. On Ryan's final deployment, he spent every available hour working towards his goal of becoming a DJ. Teaching himself the skills necessary for a solid foundation. The true development came when he returned home and started sharing his knowledge with his life long best friend, Marbs. This musically strengthened bond soon developed into the first underground house and techno party in Encinitas, CA, called Jungle. The duo, Marbs and Orey, later joined by Mikey Lion, hosted a string of summer parties on the coastal community that drew crowds of hundreds for a dose of the infectious vibe. A few years pass, and with the addition of a few more collaborative minds, Ryan found himself as a cofounder of the outdoor music festival, Desert Hearts. As the moniker, Deep Jesus, Ryan has played in world renowned venues such as: Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Miami; Output, NYC; Mysteryland, USA; Brooklyn Mirage, NY; and many more. He has also opened for acts such as BLOND:ISH, Bedouin, Mind Against, Lee Burridge, & Claude Von Stroke, to name a few. Ryan also celebrates a strong list of bookings all over Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver, Dubai, Mexico City, & Canada. Now as a solo artist, Ryan is dedicating all of his time and energy to define himself as a renowned producer. After completing a Sound Design & Mixing Certificate through the Point Blank Music School, Ryan is taking any and all steps necessary to put himself ahead of the curve.

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