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Xceed-Premiere-Soko & Sev-Bassiani

Xceed Premiere 017: Soko & Sev – Bassiani

We present a track inspired by the Tbilisi club and which seeks to generate “that feeling of an anthem”

We started working on this release around February 2020. There was an absolutely incredible video of someone playing at Bassiani, we’re not sure exactly who it was, but it was much harder and faster than what we usually play. However, that video of the atmosphere made us both fall in love with the club straight away. Within 20 minutes we started making something that we imagined hearing in that video, club and environment.

Soko & Sev is a Serbian-Romanian techno duo. They are Marko and Antonio and their obsession for the most techno sounds of the electronic music led them to what is one of the hottest spots of the genre worldwide at the moment: Bassiani. As they themselves recognize, Bassiani’s sound is much harder and faster than theirs, but this did not stop Soko & Sev from trying to create an anthem that would pay tribute to the famous club in Tbilisi.

Xceed-Artist-Soko & Sev
Image: © Soko & Sev’s Press Kit

“Bassiani” is part of the EP of the same name that will be released next Monday, July 13, by the label Playoff. “Bassiani” is followed by “Warrior” and “No Horizon”. It is a 100% techno-oriented release, with bass lines designed for large spaces, mainly macroclubs and festivals. A big-room sound with low, heavy and hypnotic synth lines.

When producing, we really work a lot in the box and tend to focus more on software rather than hardware. We tend to use Ableton in the initial stages, when building the foundations of the track and coming up with ideas for percussion, etc. We then switch over to Logic to record synths and the more melodic elements of the track, and especially when recording audio from hardware, such as our Prophet Rev2, which we love.

The production rhythm of Soko & Sev is one of those that shows that the quarantine has not come at all badly depending on which musicians. After the release of the EP Bassiani on Playoff, a second EP will arrive, called Salvation, which will be published by Reload Records. That will happen on July 29th. Who knows if, by that time, “Bassiani” will be already playing in Tbilisi (as long as covid-19 allows it, of course…).

Musically speaking, we’ve made this track and EP slightly slower than what we would usually produce, but “Bassiani” really felt right at that tempo in order to give it that anthem feel, with such a dominant lead synth playing throughout. Of course, we would love to see it being played at Bassiani, as this was the initial reason for starting the track and is now such an inspirational place for us.


  1. Bassiani
  2. Warrior
  3. No Horizon


(Cover Image: © Playoff Records)

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