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Xceed goes to The Yacht Week

The leading European nightlife app couldn’t miss out on one of Europe’s best party trips: A series of famous floating festivals, staged in 6 hand picked destinations around the world, where you sail, party and explore. Sounds like an explosive combination? hmm… Here are 10 reasons why the Xceed team made the most of their Yacht Week experience.


1. Essential package preparation for beginners

How did we prepare for The Yacht Week? There were many things to get done before leaving, but to avoid stressing out we made our essential checklist: sexy swimsuits, inflatables crocodiles & dolphins, 4 waterproof speakers, booze shopping list and most importantly, knowing where the marina was. Out of the 50 yachts departing from different marinas on the same day, it was all a bit chaotic, but we managed to find our spot, grab a beer, meet other crews, and chill out with a sunset before we went to the welcome party in a medieval castle.


2. Exotic drinks tasting

Croatia has a lot to offer in terms of a variety of exotic drinks and traditional wines from its different islands. We were eager to try them all! Especially our CEO, who was sure to start feeling it after a couple shots. He still made it to day 7. 😉


3. After boat party by Xceed

Nights out were long but for those who wanted to keep on dancing, we had it covered. We threw a floating after party, on a Zodiac with waterproof speakers, where people danced and fell of the boat until dawn. Very funny but we should have brought waterproof cases for our iPhones. :/


4. We found the biggest inflatable

It is essential to take your own inflatables to make the most of your parties on the yachts, talk in a swimsuit and stroll along the boats. But is definitely better to bring the largest inflatable unicorn you can find on the store. When suddenly a Dj shows up in the middle of a big circle of boats tied together you would kill to be dancing around. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a big one but we still managed to show our best latin moves on our precious zodiak, especially when Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” started to play.


5. Single’s rule was met in the Xceed yacht

90% of the people attending the Yacht Week are single. We respected the rule and conquered operation bikini! (BTW, we are still single 😉 )



6. Best friends with our skipper

Our skipper, Ashton, was our best ally and a huge bonus of the week. The one who kept us out of trouble, guided us during the activities and recommended where to buy the cheapest alcohol. If you’re lucky, at night, he will party and be the last one leaving the club with you. As a good sailor, a few weeks after The Yacht Week, he surprised us with an unexpected visit in our hometown.


7. A well fed crew, is a happy crew

In order to survive until the last day of the week, we had to make sure we were well fed  and drank plenty of water. This wouldn’t have been possible without our Chef on board, Elizabeth, who woke us up every morning with breakfast ready and cooked amazing meals with flavours from different parts of the world. For sure, without her, we would have eaten pizza and chips all week.


8. Downloaded Day8 App

Forget about Tinder, Instagram or any application that you have open in your phone. The Yacht Week provides the guests with an ideal application for the week, where you get notified about the itinerary, you can upload photos in a news feed connected with others and chat & see pictures of other people of the trip. It’s like the Yacht Week’s version of Tinder, Instagram and Gmail calendar all together. Trust, this is all you need.

9. Swim off our hangover

Mornings started with a short swim and sail to other ports. Sinking into the cold, crystalline waters of the Mediterranean was a better approach to cure hangovers. We explored hidden coves, scuba dived, and did some snorkeling. Probably, more effective than a hangover pill.


10. Last ones leaving the dance floor

In Spain, we have a very famous phrase “El que llega último, ríe mejor”. As experienced party goers, we were always the last ones to leave the club. As expected, one of the nights, we missed the last train going back to the port but we stayed chill. We walked back through the enchanting town of the island with other last party goers, making new friends and laughing loud.

The Yacht Week has exceeded our expectations, it’s one of a kind trip and will be remembered forever.. Bookings for next season are now open, we suggest you not to wait to sign up!