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NOMADS, the new experience which adds elegance to the spirituality of the dance ritual

The Barcelona scene grows slowly, but without pause. The last ones to join the adventure are ready to conquer the souls of those who look for more refined electronic sounds in restful and elegant environments. NOMADS is the name given to this new concept in which the spirituality of the dance becomes a total protagonist ritual. The complete experience pursued by NOMADS seeks “the liberation and purification of the soul together with the moon, amplifying its energy thanks to the union and the exchange of vibrations” among the attendees.

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Image: © Nomads

NOMADS will convert one of the most historical venues of Barcelona, Sala Bikini, in the new home for those looking for a much more elegant, refined and sophisticated electronic proposal. The concept is unique, original and, for now, totally differentiated in Barcelona. The NOMADS tribe focuses on a cultured audience, which wants to dance ethnic, tribal and ethereal sounds in a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming environment. House music will be diffused with subgenres that didn’t get much presence in the city yet: desert house, deep house, spiritual deep and afro-tech.

YokoO, Super Flu and Viton make up the first NOMADS line-up. In a very near future, the tribe it’s expected to feature names with such a big background in similar events such as WOOMOON (in Ibiza) or SCORPIOS (in Mykonos). We talk about artists like Jean Claude Ades, Behrouz, Sebastian Leger or Viken Arman. All of them are a reference of what NOMADS intends to contribute to a Barcelonian electronic scene that, without a doubt, will appreciate this great breath of fresh air, of community dancing and of a colourful, natural and tribal atmosphere in a very much more chilling atmosphere.


(Cover Image: © Nomads)