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Afro trap invasion. Afrojuice 195 in Cream Valencia

Hailing from France, afro trap is a new genre that is rapidly expanding its boundaries especially in the South of Europe. The afro trap fuses trap, coupe de calé (Ivory Coast style) and afrobeat, among other ingredients. Mohamed Sylla, better known as MHD, is without any doubts the pioneer of this modern music wave, but an ever-growing number of fresh artists is taking part of this game, bringing their footprint, their style and even their creativity.    

Speaking about that, the main ambassadors in Spain of the urban genre of the moment are Afrojuice 195, a Spanish project hailing from Fuenlabrada, a small city close to the capital of Spain. A group of 5 African guys able to express themselves as nobody else can do, especially thanks to their own lingo, their deep sense of humor, the right dose of hesitation and a great passion for football that, among others, has ensured them the possibility to appear within the mixtape that Neymar Jr. released a few months ago and in which the Brazilian star reunited some of his favourite bands and artists.

The magic formula of the success of this new phenomenon is its essential originality and their manifest effrontery. Elements that are clearly recognizable in their music and also during their live shows. With their latest hit “Joga Bonito”, Afrojuice 195 closed the summer season earning the attention of the media, the consensus of the critic and the support of a large audience. This is not a case that now, this group of funny and outlandish guys is in the forefront of the afrotrap wave.

Beronique, Luis, Daniel, Cristian and Dominique are the main hosts for this big concert happening on Friday at Cream Valencia, a concert that will also feature a lot of artists, performers and dancers. Buying your ticket here, you’ll be able to win a free backstage pass. This is gonna be one of the biggest dates of the year in Valencia!

When: Friday, March 16th
Where: Cream Valencia
Afrojuice 195, Kill Time, KVNDY SWING, R-Plan Lex, So High, Dany Marin, Dj Lil Wasky, Tanya Bayo, Jordan, Rapsel, DSANTOS, Lil Mahyaoui, Talinka, JHN THE KID, Saimon Dos Santos, Jeyko Blow, Reyku Cuban and SSK LA MOVIE


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