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Xceed-Premiere-Javier Carballo-Audiopatia

Xceed Premiere 006: Javier Carballo – Audiopatia

With this four-track EP, Javier Carballo escapes from the patterns that had shaped his previous releases, combining electro-techno and minimal

More than 20 years of experience endorse the sounds of Javier Carballo. We are talking about one of the most important underground producers in the history of electronic music in the Canary Islands and, therefore, an important actor in the last years of the 20th century in the Spanish underground scene.

Javier Carballo’s sound has always been deep, introspective, intimate, warm. It has always been a sensual sound, which incites both dancing and letting oneself be carried away by contiguous bass lines and synth harmonies that take the listener to inhospitable lands.


Xceed-Javier Carballo
Image: © Press Kit Javier Carballo


I started working on the Audiopatia EP in May 2019. I wanted to release a solid and homogeneous EP, far from the patterns that had been marking my last works. This time, I bet on mixing electro-techno and minimal sounds.

Without a doubt, the EP has achieved the goal and its first track, also called Audiopatia, is the best example.

I have improved the sound of the bass modulations, the pads and the synth harmonies. I can imagine Audiopatia being played in after-hours sessions, for real music lovers and in a dark, intimate and smoky environment.



This is the result Javier Carballo has obtained by working with his Roland T8S, his Dave Smith Pro 2, his Behringer Neutron and his Roland SH-101.


1. Javier Carballo – Audiopatia (Original Mix)
2. Javier Carballo – Bad References (Original Mix)
3. Javier Carballo – Early Faces (Original Mix)
4. Javier Carballo – Soda Studio (Original Mix)



(Cover Image: © Serialism Records)




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