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Circoloco lands in Barcelona

Let’s go back to 1999, we are in Ibiza, one of the temples of the world’s nightlife. Two Italian guys known as Antonio and Andrea Pelino decide to organize a series of after parties in an ex-hangar just off the airport of the Spain’s most popular island. That’s how CIRCOLOCO gets made, a musical event that every Monday morning from June to October offers the purest clubbing experience.

The creators of this legendary event gave birth to this format with the simple and humble idea of ​​organizing parties packed only by DJs coming from the underground scene. Over the years, however, CIRCOLOCO has attracted the attention of many artists, seeing its line-ups crowded with famous DJs such as Tania Vulcano, Loco Dice and Luciano, giving rise to a never-ending stir around these music events.

The magic formula of CIRCOLOCO is very simple: the underground “maverick” trait specific of both its parties and the club, the DC10 which regularly hosts them, has made this format very popular. This reality is perceived by the all party lovers and the various DJs all over the world as immune from the canons typical of Ibiza’s “superclubs” such as Space, Amnesia, and Pacha. The concept behind this kind of event, in fact, reminds much more the typical culture of the raves and the emblematic festivals of the acid house era. No trifles, no slackers, just real music lovers and raw music vibrations. This ethos is still at the heart of these parties, and that’s exactly what makes CIRCOLOCO one of the most iconic experiences of the international clubbing circuit.

The DC10 looks like a real “musical lounge”, literally located on the side of the Ibiza’s airport landing track, nestled in the dry sandy plain typical of the backcountry of this island. On December 10th, however, CIRCOLOCO will land in Barcelona in order to offer an unforgettable event in one of the most famous venues of the number-one city of the Catalonia: the Saint Jordi club. This venue, located on the Montjuic hill, is one of the largest venues in Barcelona, hosting concerts of internationally renowned artists from all over the world.

For such an event, CIRCOLOCO‘s organizers could only put together a “massive” line-up. Warming up the night, the local duo Haiku 575 made up by M_Abbatangelo (manager and co-owner of the label This And That Lab) and Cipy (veteran producer and member of the Get Physical family).

Present during the night also the Italian artist from Naples Davide Squillace and the duo The Martinez Brothers who have been getting big popularity in the electronic music scene by climbing the rankings of the best DJs of the world. Finally, to close the event, the resident DJ of the historic Berlin club der Visionäre, Seth Troxler. This name does not need any presentation, considering the fame that it has maturated for several years. Below, one of its latest release, at times shoothing, sometimes unsettling, characterized by a “rubbery” deep bass and drums.

Considering the importance of this event, the tickets will end in no time. Therefore, it would be better for you to carefully choose your next moves because you may no longer have the chance to experience such an event.




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