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Xceed Podcast 017: Hertz Collision

Raw, trippy, accelerated techno cooked in Florence's underground landscapes

Combining proven and emerging talent. To open the doors to new names, new proposals, new worlds and new pearls of wisdom. To leave the best experiences of your life within your reach, either outside your home or, if a pandemic demands it, at home. When we released the Xceed Podcast 013 with Marco Faraone in April, we received an interesting proposal from a regular contributor of his. He is Francesco Profeti, he is from Florence (where Marco became big), and until last year he formed the Hertz Collision tandem with Pietro Franchini.

The project started in 2009 and has experienced some great moments: they performed in Radion (Amsterdam) for Dynamic Reflection during the ADE, they collaborated in two events the same month in Tenax (the club with the longest history in Florence) together with Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler and Marco Faraone himself, and they were invited to play at Tresor (via Mario Berger) and Griessmühle (via Synoid), two of the leading clubs in Berlin.

Xceed-Artist-Hertz Collision
Image: © Hertz Collision’s Press Kit

But where we find more of Hertz Collision is in their studio. They launched music on imprints like Dynamic Reflection, Frozen Border, Eartground, Uncage, Be As One, Suburban Avenue, Illegal Allien Rec or Aine. Despite that, the duo’s story took a turn in 2019, when Pietro decided to step aside and let Francesco continue with Hertz Collision as a solo artist.

To be honest, I think there are no differences between my artistic self and my personal self. I’m a humble person, really friendly and focused on my works. I like to be creative and connect with other producers constantly. I’m always open to collabs.

We got to know the history of Hertz Collision and we discovered his sounds. He proposes an intense journey into the most genuine past of techno music. Sound caresses that are born in industrial buildings occupied at the end of the 20th century, when young people escape from oppressive realities to connect with the deepest and purest of both their own and other people’s souls, both known and unknown.

I think my sound comes from reconnecting to the techno music that was produced years ago: fast, raw drums with chords, stabs, vocals, and trippy, easy melodies. Normally, I use a Pioneer console (2000 Nexus and DJM900) in a friend’s house near to my apartment since I don’t have my own one.


(Cover Image: © Hertz Collision’s Press Kit)

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