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Xceed Premiere 024: Code Walk – Inside

The Danish duo returns to Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with an experimental triple EP of five tracks each to be released in three phases

We started to work on this already two years ago, a lot of time before the covid-19 pandemic arrived to our lives. Phases Triptych is the result of us wanting to make an album that contained all the moods and production methods that Code Walk is about. We had made a lot of tracks that started to feel like an album to us, but we were not sure how to put it together. When we sent the tracks to Peder [Mannerfelt], he suggested to do it as a 3-part release. From there we started building the visual concept around it.

Two years is a lot of work. And you can notice it when you listen to Phases Triptych. Three EPs. Five tracks in each one of them. We started with the Separate EP, what could be called the A-side of the project. Then we get to the B side, which is the Guide EP, to finish in the Claim EP, the C side. But we go back to the A side, where, after a first industrial noise track called “Wrist” (we recommend you to listen to it as soon as it comes out), we find “Inside”, the track we premiere today on Xceed Night Mag.

Xceed-Artist-Code Walk
Image: © Wall Room Music Group

“Inside” is the perfect meeting point between the more contemplative side of Code Walk music and the more dancefloor, club-oriented side. It doesn’t move away from the experimental, as its structure is quite horizontal (except for the slight descents in the final minute) and lacks pronounced drops or common rhythms. Quite the opposite: the main element of “Inside” are the breaks, accompanied by distortions that come and go along with gloomy melodies.

With this release, Code Walk finally manages to bring together all their creative processes, which are a little far from the ordinary. Each member of the duo has their own studio with their own set up. In this way, they combine “the sonic characteristics of analog circuits and digital instruments”. They develop the sketches on their own and then start sending Ableton Live’s sets out via Dropbox “until the track has a solid idea”. They only meet in the final stages of production, “where decisions start to get final”. Elektron machines are their main hardware weapon, while Unfiltered Audio, Max for Cats and Amazing Noises plug-ins are their favourite software.

The first delivery of Phases Triptych, the Separate EP, goes on sale next Monday 14th September at Peder Mannerfelt Produktion. The next two deliveries will arrive during the next month and a half. Six weeks to get to know 15 masterpieces of sound experimentation adapted to the most aggressive and courageous clubbing grounds.

It’s important for us to keep the music we make open to interpretation both to ourselves and to the listener. We don’t want to ruin that by telling the listener what “Inside” means to us. All we can say is that “Inside” was created in a challenging time with a lot of difficulties in each of our private lives. The track is a product of those emotions.


A. Separate

A1. Wrist

A2. Inside

A3. Clock

A4. Short Time Later

A5. Forget

B. Guide

B1. Bent One Six

B2. Melt

B3. Human

B4. Choke

B5. Notice

C. Aim

C1. Slip

C2. Eighteen A

C3. Stretch

C4. Casing

C5. Problem


(Cover Image: © Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

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