Getting into Berghain is basically one of the hardest things to achieve. If the infamous Sven Marquardt does not feel like letting you in, you will not get to experience the most elitist techno club in the world! Plus, once you are inside the Berlin club, recording videos or taking pictures is not allowed so that makes it even more exclusive!

But what Berghain cannot do is erase the memories of ravers who dance under its walls. Then a Facebook page was created with only one purpose: share the tracks that were played in Berghain. Clubbers started posting the tunes that they could remember from their nights…

And then a legend called Roman Wäger appeared, putting those Berghain songs in a playlist that has now up to 100 playback hours and almost 1000 tracks (to be precise it’s on 963 at the moment).

So if you can’t make it to techno church, let Berghain come to you! Enjoy the Spotify playlist below.